Weekly Anime Review

This week brings a few new episodes, and one recap episode. 

Argevollen ep 20

So the Perphe units are making great progress, which means that Unit 8 can chill out in the rear zones and take a vacation.

The company dumps the Arge on Jamie and the mechanics because they don’t really need it anymore. This causes Jamie to download the ultra secret manual and try to do a system check. This results in her seeing both the U-Link system and Susume’s memories. She loses consciousness too.

Perphevollen units
Perphe and the kids

Arandas get their own “Perphe” units. Charming… Someone just trash that company and its subsidiaries please.

Sword Art Online II ep 19

Boy, Asuna and her mother don’t get along at all. Her mom is trying to get her married to a banker’s son. She also wants Asuna to change schools and abandon all her online friends. She’s an ass.

Asune finally faces Zekken, well actually Yuuki. Yep, the super swordsmen is actually a swordswoman. Asune puts up a pretty good fight and it ends with Yuuki running off with you and asked her to help her.

I wonder what that is all about. Sounds mysterious.

Gundam: G no Reconguista ep 9

This show is kind of hard to follow. I’m not sure what any of the “factions” want besides Ameria’s desire to destroy a monopoly on photon batteries. Seems like the Head of the Research Division might not be an Earthnoid going by some internal monologue. He actually wants all Earthnoid killed.

Bellri and the gang make it to Biclover and Capital Tower to talk to his Holiness. I get the feeling he’s not an Earthnoid either. We also hear in this episode that Bellri might be adopted. I’m going to bet that Aida is too… and that they are related.

At least, I think we get a good idea of the “Threat from Space” now. The Spaceoids are just tired of the Earthnoids bs.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis ep 6.5

Recap episode.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works ep 6

Archer has a nice discussion with Shirou about Heroic spirit being chattel with unfinished business except for him. He’s rather grumpy about it too.

Shinji, hearing you is all I need to hate you. Seems like you can only ID Magus with the same level of power as you. That means that if the other magus at the school are crappy, Rin won’t know them.

Shinji is one of the Masters, and he has the odd lady from last episode puppet what he’s saying.

Caster! She’s evil, and she’s responsible for the comas in the town because she drained people of mana. She also has a servant: Assassin. Shirou gets captured and Saber follows him, but it is Archer who saves Shirou’s life.

Go, go, Archer.

Psycho-Pass 2 ep 7

OMG! This was a freaking good episode without a single action scene. Things are just falling into place.

The airplane crash from 15 years ago is super important. In fact, Kamui was the sole survivor of that crash and he made holos of all 185 survivors.They are everywhere.

kid Kamui
Looks who is here…

And it appears that one of the people in the MSBW is also, going by Akane’s speech at the end. Of course, we don’t know who. Mika is getting a bit obsessed with Togane and he knows she went through his stuff. We also learned he was an enforcer 18 years ago and everyone he worked with ended up killed by dominator because their hue got too high.

There seems to be a link with Kamui, too. The Togane’s foundation is the leading company in Japan for drug patents. Kamui’s medical files are locked because of it. Even the surgeon’s file is locked because of it.

Still, I’m going to laugh once Kamui meets the Sibyl’s brains and their color is zero because criminally asymptomatic FTW.

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