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Ask UfYH: Bathroom Cleaning 101

Q: So this is embarrassing. I never learned how to clean a bathroom. It seems like it should be common sense, but now that I’m living on my own, I’m not exactly sure I’m doing it right. Help?

A: It’s not embarrassing;¬†you just never learned it. And it’s never too late to learn. Let’s break it down.

As with all cleaning, certain fundamental techniques will help. Work top to bottom, don’t double clean something if you don’t have to, and multi-task wherever you can. I made up a little checklist you can download and print out (stick it in a clear sheet protector and use a dry erase marker so you can use it repeatedly). As always, it’s abundantly clear that I am not a graphic designer of any kind, so it’s not pretty, but it’ll do for the basics. This is, of course, just a very basic list. You may have other things that need attention in the bathroom (exhaust fan, windows, shelving units or closets, etc.), but this is a fairly solid place to start.

Checklist of basic steps for cleaning the bathroom from UfYH.

Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning the Bathroom (Download as .pdf)

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6 replies on “Ask UfYH: Bathroom Cleaning 101”

Honestly, I think the downside of living alone is that you need to do all the things all by yourself. Unlike, when you live with your parents. I remember before when I used to live with my parents, my mom is always there to clean my room, laundry and she managed to clean the whole house all alone! Now I have my own private space, a property near mrt which I have bought at, I wonder how my mom manage does all the household choir. Super mom indeed! It’s a good thing that she thought me some basics in doing some household choir.

Honestly, any multi-purpose cleaner works fine. Mr. Clean, store brand, whatever’s handy. I like the homemade one because you don’t need anything separate or special for it. I just buy a bunch of spray bottles from the dollar store and use them for various things (labeled, of course): vinegar, vinegar with citrus rinds, diluted bleach, the spray mix, etc.

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