Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

So much good reading this week!

Dye your armpit hair if you like. It’s your body! Refinery 29

This is enough to melt my cold, cynical heart: These parents retracted the original birth announcement for their trans son in a show of support. This reminds me of a friend who, upon coming out, received a cake from his family that featured an open closet door. Feministing

Meet Ava DuVernay, the director of Selma. For Harriet

Femmes of color sound off. Colorlines

Reproductive justice is essential to HIV advocacy. RH Reality Check

Thoughts on what’s going down in Mexico. The New Yorker

Trigger warning for those who want to click through: On the normality of miscarriages. Medium

Possibly only of interest to me and my best friend from elementary school, but I’ll be following the Redwall diet. The Toast

A Japanese artist made a kayak that resembles her vagina (which is all levels of cool). She was arrested for her genius. The Guardian

Women still diet, they just hide it. Pandagon 

What did you read this week?

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