Forgotify, the Last Frontier: “I Never Know”

‘Tis the season for… jazz combos?

Take a listen to “I Never Know” from the Quartette Trés Bien here.

This group, comprised of the usual suspects in a jazz ensemble: piano, upright bass, and drums, with the innovative addition of a second percussionist, formed in 1960 an recorded several albums until they disbanded in 1968. They were based in St. Louis and followed the popularity of jazz musicians like Tito Puente in adding Latin rhythms into traditional jazz sounds, which gave them a very unique and enticing sound. Unfortunately, this is another ensemble where information is rare, due to the fact that the ensemble ceased to exist 46 years ago (and because they never broke into “legendary” jazz status as a group).

Jeter Thompson, the leader and pianist of the group, formed another group, Trio Trés Bien, which shows the extent of his originality and creativity, and is formed of him and his two brothers, Howard and Harold. They play in the Midwest, hitting clubs in St. Louis and Chicago on an occasional basis. It’s hard to discern any concrete information, as this website looks like it was last updated when Geocities was the forefront of website creation. If you want to book them for a gig, you can send a FAX! This is the ’90s!

Other than Jeter Thompson, the other members of the group have faded into near obscurity. Richard Simmons, the bassist, is near impossible to find information on, unless he gave up his career to become a sparkly, enthusiastic fitness guru. Playing the drums, Albert St. James is nowhere to be found, unless you’re looking for a flat on Albert St. in London, near the Mornington Crescent tube station on the Northern line. And searching for the percussionist, Percy James, brings up countless video clips from Thomas the Tank Engine.

Musicians, take note; this is your future if you don’t have an online presence: workout videos, overpriced rental accommodations, and children’s television programs.

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