Forgotify, the Last Frontier: “Un Gelato per Tutti 2”

This translates to, AN ICE CREAM FOR EVERYONE! Sounds like a tune that’s right up my alley, even though I have to wear three pairs of socks and two hoodies to not freeze to death in my apartment. 

Gianni Ferrio was an Italian composer who wrote boatloads of music for film and television. This album, Il Killer, was released in 1969 with 32 tracks, most of which are under two minutes long. There seems to be a disproportionate number of tracks that reference ice cream, including “Mr. Ice Cream,” (versions 1 – 5),  5 different versions of “Un Gelato per tutti,” “Billy’s Ice Cream,” and  “Fino all’ultimo Gelato” (To the Last Ice Cream). This might give us some insight into Ferrio’s favorite dessert, but I could be wrong.

Have a listen to this sweet song here.

This jazzy piece features some vibraphones, the coolest of all jazz percussion. (Vibraphones look like a giant xylophone, but with big hollow tubes underneath and an optional fan to create vibrato.) Vibraphones in jazz were popularized by cool cats like Lionel Hampton and Carl Tjaeder, and as a result they’ve stuck around as common additions to jazz bands. This track clocks in at less than a minute, but somehow that feels appropriate for a guy who spent his life writing short riffs for film and television.

His piece, “One Silver Dollar,” was featured in the 2009 film Inglourious Basterds, but found its break back in 1965 as the title theme for Un Dolaro Bucato (Blood for a Silver Dollar), a spaghetti western directed by Giorgio Ferroni. Ferrio scored loads of spaghetti westerns and conducted ensembles as well, including performing as the official conductor for the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest.

Un dolaro bucato, blood for a silver dollar movie poster
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