Getting A Lawyer

So my plans of going to the USA are still in a very bumpy limbo. After loads of frustrations and anger attacks I tried to ask for help. Legal help.

It’s a good thing I know some people connected to American law, else I’d probably still be wondering where to find a legitimate lawyer. Now I had databases. With one of those I left my problem, wishes, and willingness to do a lot to get into the country.

After that, when I was picked up by a lawyer, I was interrogated there and back again. She learned about me, I learned about how many, many rules and traps there are when it comes to non-immigration. In exchange of an interview over Skype, I got a long letter about my options.

Sadly, she started with “Right now it doesn’t look like you’re eligible for [X, Y, Z].” Whoever said that lawyers only tell you what you want to hear, need to send me their lawyer contracts.

The thing lawyers don’t do is tell you what to do (there is a lot “I’d advice to,” “I think you should consider,” and other versions of that). Mine gave me time to decide on my own about what to do. If I’d decide to follow through on one of the options, I’d hire her for real and pay bigger bucks, opposed to the “Basic Research Fee.”

I’m not at that stage yet, I want more options and easier ones and are you really telling me that “I’m innocent and just want to live with my boyfriend” is not going to work? I still find the idea of having a lawyer (don’t only guilty people have those?) funny, yet weird.

But I guess I’m glad that she’s there, because I can’t do this alone.

By freckle [M]

Freckle can't decide between writing fact or fiction, so she does both, on a very regular basis, and sometimes even for money.

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