Important Discussion: What Are You Getting Your Dog For Christmas

It’s almost Christmas and it’s time to shop for the furry members of your family. What’s everyone getting their dogs? Or their other pets?

Growing up, our dog’s gift was always the wrapping paper. Jack would spend Christmas morning cheerfully demolishing all the paper and boxes we tossed around as we opened gifts. He never made a mistake, or shredded paper prematurely. I think he humored us, because he continued with the Christmas tradition long after he was too old to care much about toys. My mom doesn’t have those pictures available in digital format, so I can’t show you adorable pictures of a very senior citizen dutifully ripping up paper for our amusement

Unfortunately, we don’t do a big present opening ceremony at my house, so I actually have to buy my guys things.

This year they’re getting more yak milk chews, which are delicious, but expensive because they’re supposed to last more than 15 minutes. My dogs don’t know that, so they’re a rare treat.

Santa is also restocking their squeaky toy stash (a short lived and coveted commodity) and bringing them some pretty sweet junk food. What’s he bringing your pets?

By Laura-C

Hopes to someday train her dogs not to be douchebags.

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Tessie might get a battery-powered toy (if my mom finds one or I have Target gift card money left over after the for-me parts, which will include flannel sheets and an alcohol or three). And, same scenario, a packet of catnip-flavored treats for Dinger and any flavored treats for Tessie. And LOTS OF SNUGGLE TIME BECAUSE I HAVE TWO WEEKS OF JUST LOAFING AROUND AND WILL BE WATCHING NETFLIX MARATHONS FOR AT LEAST A WEEK.

I might knit up a few new toys, too. I’ll find something new and different that they’ll both have fun with. They have seventy mousies already.

Santa Paws is bringing a new bone. The kind that only comes from Meijer because it doesn’t make Daisy sick. Really, she’s spoiled rotten and doesn’t NEED anything, but her old bones have been getting thrown away for sharp edges, and she’s so HILARIOUS about them, it’s no fun not having them in the house. (“Okay. Okay. This is my bone. Okay, Mom. Okay. You can have it, but it’s still mine right? It’s mine. Give it back. Thanks for giving it back. I’M OFF TO HIDE UNDER THE BEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!” And then we don’t see her for 30 minutes.) And maybe a new toy. Or maybe I’ll just wrap up her barkbox and let her go to town on it. That could be fun.

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