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Kickstartable: Nerdy Words Valentines

While most people may be focusing on holiday shopping right now, there’s a Kickstarter campaign asking you to think about Valentine’s Day. Nerdy Words caught my eye this week, and I’m excited to share it with you. If you like science, love, and puns, these cards will be right you your alley.

I was able to ask Nerdy Words creator, Christine Snyder, a few questions about her project.

Is this the first time a Nerdy Words project will be produced? Have you created other projects? Yes this is the first Nerdy Words project and also my first Kickstarter campaign.

If this Kickstarter is successful, will there be another holiday collection soon? A line of science-related birthday cards are currently in the works! We will be launching a second Kickstarter campaign for the birthday collection in the new year (our target is February 2015). Upon successful completion of the current Kickstarter campaign, we will also launch our website (, where the Valentine’s Day series can be purchased for those who missed out.

What kind of response have you had to this project? The response has been very positive, especially from the academic world.  Many people have remarked how there is a lack of humorous, science-related gifts on the market right now and we are excited to start filling that gap!

What has been the most challenging thing about this Kickstarter Project? The most challenging thing was actually finding eco-friendly materials that are cost-effective for our buyers. We are determined to use recycled (and recyclable) materials for our products (including the shipping materials) while still maintaining a competitive price for our cards. The result means a little less profit for us, but our consciences can rest more easily!

What has been the most pleasant surprise? The most pleasant surprise has been the large number of backers for our gift sets. We are very flattered that so many people like all of the designs in our series!

Nerdy Words is available for funding through Sunday, January 4, 2015.

Disclaimer: Please do not take this review or my personal endorsement of this project as investment advice. I am a lady blogger on the Internet, not an investment adviser, nor am I an angel investor myself.

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