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Lunchtime Poll: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Whether crispy, crunchy, gluten-free, non-dairy, soft and chewy, or downright gooey, everyone has a favorite chocolate chip cookie.

I like mine soft and ever-so-slightly undercooked, and with either tea or a cup of cold milk. Oh, and preferably still warm. The recipe on the back of Nestle chocolate chips is an easy one, or you can use this recipe and make cookies instead of caramel-centered cookie bars.

My questions for this week are: How do you take your chocolate chip cookies? What is your go-to recipe?

Tell me all about them in the comments.


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4 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie”

There’s a place by us that makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies! The texture is pretty standard, but they put in both milk AND dark chocolate chunks of good quality chocolate, walnuts (which I could honestly live without), and then a tiny sprinkling of sea salt. SO yummy. And, they’re like 5 inches in diameter.

Fortunately for both my wallet and my waistline, the only place to acquire them is too far away to justify a cookie run and isn’t any where near our regular errand routes.

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