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Lunchtime Poll: Your Top 5 List of Ideal Gifts

With the holidays upon us, there is a lot of talk about not only gift-giving and gift-receiving, but also about the gifts we would like to receive, whether or not they’er realistic. I have a running list of these. My top five are as follows:

  1. A Kindle Fire
  2. An endless supply of champagne
  3. A book deal
  4. Marriage to Sir Percy Blakeney
  5. For people to be more caring and compassionate about their fellow man. As much good as there is in the world, there needs to be more of it.

What’s top five on your list of holiday wishes to gifts you would like receive?

5 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: Your Top 5 List of Ideal Gifts”

Let’s go for the really not realistic:

1. My present bills to disappear. (I’m not saying I want no bills forever… just the current ones to go away.)
2. Cats. 2 or more, please.
3. Red wine for the year.
4. A trip to a nice, warm beach somewhere, where nothing will be required of me but to eat, drink, and lay there.
5. Cures for the illnesses I have, so that not everything has to be filtered through how tired I am.

1. A doggy daycare pass for the pooch
2. A new comforter set for the bed
3. An endless supply of red wine (I’m thieving a little bit, but my wine rack always runs out of red first.)
4. A few extra vacation days from my job so I can take a “mental health day” without guilt.
5. A romantic night out. I could use one.

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