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New Show Recap: Once Upon a Time 4×10, “Shattered Sight”

Hello, all! Time for another recap of OUAT! The Spell of Shattered Slight has engulfed Storybrooke — so let’s see what happens!

Flashback to Boston, 1982, where the Snow Queen has landed after Rumpel has transported her to a land without magic. The Snow Queen, confused, enters a psychic’s shop and requests that the psychic use her crystal ball to seek out Emma. It’s clear the psychic is a fraud, and the Snow Queen is pissed, but she can’t use her magic.

In present-day Storybrooke, the Snow Queen is wandering through town, surveying her work with satisfaction. Everyone is affected by the spell and becomes their worst selves, except Anna, Elsa, and Emma. Anna remembers the tale of the spell of Shattered Glass, and to break the spell, they will have to kill Ingrid. Elsa and Anna leave baby Neal with Anna and set out to get shit done.

As Snow and Charming argue with each other through the bars of their jail cells, Regina is trapped in her vault. The spell has affected her, too, and her rage is directed toward Emma. Old Regina is back, Joan Jett dresses and all!

Hook goes to Rumpel’s shop, where Rumpel is getting ready to cleave himself from the dagger and get Belle so he can leave. He directs Hook to get Henry and reveals that he plans on going to New York City with the new fam and altering their memories so they’ll think he tried to save everyone in Storybrooke.

Emma and Elsa confront Ingrid in the street and try to battle her, but the spell on the ribbons around their wrists prevents them from hurting Ingrid. Soon, Ingrid, declares, they won’t want to hurt her, but they will love her as sisters would. Whatever that means.

Flashback to 1999. Emma is a foster child in the Snow Queen’s home. The other foster kids try to take away her video camera, but the Snow Queen puts a stop to that. One of the foster kids threatens Emma, and she is ready to run away, until the Snow Queen intercepts her and they bond.

As the town falls apart, Emma and Elsa seek out Rumpel to break the ribbon spell, but they decide to do so on their own and cut the ribbons off. They can’t remove the ribbons, and Emma decides that amplified hate, instead of the amplified love the Snow Queen used to create the spell, can break the spell. Regina is the one who hates Emma most right now, so Elsa and Emma go to the vault to release Regina. As Regina sees then approaching in her magic mirror, she grins wickedly. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea, Emma.

Flashback to Emma and the Snow Queen’s time together as foster child and mother. The Snow Queen is beginning to see that Emma has powers and urges her to keep practicing them, because she’s a “special girl who will someday surprise everyone with her extraordinary gifts.” Emma wants to go so far as to adopt Ingrid so they can become a family and wants to be the “best big sister” Emma can ever hope for.

Emma releases Regina from the vault and says some horrible things to provoke Regina’s hatred and anger. Regina is pissed and begins to shoot fire at Emma and Elsa as they hightail it to town.

Hook goes to retrieve Henry, and it looks like the spell has gotten to him, too. Henry escapes when Hook opens the door, and Will Scarlet enters city hall, ready to fight Hook. Hook fells him with a quick punch and takes off in pursuit of Henry.

In the flashback, Ingrid tries to make Emma embrace her powers and drags her out into the middle of the street and use those powers to stop an oncoming car. Emma jumps out of the way and is seriously scared. Yes, that’s right, Emma. Ingrid is loony tunes. In a flashback, we see that Emma used the spell given to her by the Sorcerer’s apprentice to come to Storybrooke. We also see that Ingrid was in Storybrooke in November 2011 and that Emma saw her in the ice cream shop. Emma accuses the Snow Queen of being crazy and demands to know why she hasn’t aged in ten years. Emma is ready to call Sheriff Graham until the Snow Queen takes her memories. Again, how much of this was from the effects of the little trip back in time?

Regina arrives at the sheriff’s office and sees Snow and Charming in the cells. She’s ready to enact her revenge and take baby Neal. As Anna and Kristoff try to stop her, Regina poofs them back to Arendelle. Regina releases Snow from her cell and challenges her to a swordfight to the death.

Emma and Elsa reach the Snow Queen’s palace, and they’re ready to attack her until she reveals that she has their memories contained in two purple crystals. They’re only happy memories, and Ingrid intends on using these memories in a spell to make Emma and Elsa love her.

Sword fight with Regina and Snow! Snow loses it when Regina is ready to touch the baby and beats the crap out of her. Like they’re seriously fucking shit up.

Anna and Kristoff have been poofed back to the beach where Elsa and Emma found them, and Kristoff is ready to swim back to Arendelle when Anna finds the bottle that washed up on shore last week. She knocks him unconscious with it and—surprise, surprise!—she sees the message in the bottle and reads it, discovering that its contents could help contain the Snow Queen’s power and spell. Holy deus ex machina, Batman!

As Emma and Elsa stand before Ingrid, Anna shows up just in time with the message from their mother just in time. It turns out that Elsa’s mother wrote to tell them the story about her sisters and that she made a mistake in directing Elsa to conceal her powers. Enclosed in the bottle is a stone containing the people’s memories of both sisters and what happened. It turns out Gerda loved her sisters and made mistakes out of fear. The Snow Queen accuses Anna of lying and tries to freeze her heart, but as she reads the message herself, she sees that her sister was sincere. The Snow Queen is remorseful about what she has done and seeks to reverse her spell, but the only way to do that is to destroy herself. She realizes that she became a monster on her own. She returns Elsa’s and Emma’s memories and tells them not to forget that they are all special. All the Snow Queen wanted was her sisters’ love, but she really had it all the time. As the Snow Queen dies, the spell is broken. Snow begins to fall, breaking the spell.

Hook informs Rumpel that Henry got away, and Rumpel also knows that the Snow Queen’s spell failed. The plan is going to continue, though, and we all know Rumpel has something up his sleeve. Next week, we get new villains, though…

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