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New Show Recap: Once Upon a Time 4×11, “Heroes and Villains”

Hello, all! Time for episode 4×11 of Once Upon a Time!

Now that the Snow Queen situation has been resolved, let’s see what’s going to happen before the holiday break starts!

Elsa is finally able to remove the ice wall of Storybrooke, but it seems as though some of Ingrid’s magic blocking the town still remains. It also seems that Arendelle has been conquered by Hans and his brothers, so Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff need to hurry back to Arendelle to set things right. This involves finding a portal back. Hook reports all of this to Rumpel, who is still going to use his heart in the spell to cleave himself from the dagger. Problem? Anna Knows about Rumpel’s plans.

We flash back to Belle’s time with Rumpel in his castle. She begs him to tell her about the world he has seen, and he tells her about his latest journey to Camelot, which resulted in his acquisition of a magic gauntlet that can reveal anyone’s weakness, something he can use for leverage. After the flashback, Rumpel awakens her from her magically induced sleep, promising her that it’s time for their honeymoon and that he would like to take her to see the world, starting with New York City.

Robin has taken Marian to Regina’s vault so that Regina can return her now unfrozen heart to her. The couple reunites, and later, Marian approaches Regina to thank her for saving her life. Marian also tells Regina that she knows she and Robin are in love, and that so much time has passed that she knows he has moved on. Marian makes it clear that she will step aside if Robin wishes to start a new life with Regina. This is just a cop-out ending, isn’t it?

So now we join Rumpel and Hook as they follow the mop to the weird new house that we had first encountered in episode 1. Turns out, it was the sorcerer’s house, and there is magic there. Rumpel is certain that there is a portal there that can get them to the Enchanted Forest.

Henry stops by to ask Belle about the fairy tale storybook and while helping her to pack for her trip, he comes across the magic gauntlet Rumpel had acquired in Camelot. Looks like that could turn out to be useful.

In the flashback, Belle is hanging clean laundry up to dry when she comes across a stray dalmatian puppy who leads her into the forest, Something waylays her and pulls her into the woods. Rumpel goes to look for her and a raven drops a message from Belle’s captor to him on the ground. He has to bring the gauntlet to her captor to get Bell back.

Hook comes to Granny’s Diner to tell Emma and the denizens of Arendelle that they have found the portal to Arendelle. Emma knows something is up because Hook is acting mighty weird.

Robin and Regina are hanging out with Marian and Roland, and it looks like that Outlaw Queen might be getting their happy ending. Suddenly, Marian collapses, and it’s apparent that the curse of the frozen heart is still in effect. The only way for Marian to be cured of it is to cross the town line and enter the world without magic, but Marian will lose her memories, and Regina insists that Robin and Roland join Marian so she’s not alone in the world. This is stupid. There’s nothing they can do about the spell. Why not just accept things and let the spell run its course? Just… I can’t with this.

Regina and Rumpel meet at the town line after Robin and family leave, and Rumpel tells her that he and Belle are leaving. Rumpel asks her what was up with Henry working for him, and Regina reveals that Henry was looking for her happy ending. Rumpel is going after his happy ending and he urges Regina to take hers, even if it means she might be the villain. Marian and Roland cross the town line, and Marian is cured. Robin kisses Regina good-bye before crossing the town line to join his family. They don’t remember anything about their lives now. What the fuck is this shit?

Rumpel follows the raven into the forest in the flashback, and it turns out that Maleficent (hi, Pam from True Blood!) has Belle. But it’s not just Maleficent: It’s the Sea Witch Ursula, too. We also have Cruella De Vil? Before the three can kill Belle, Rumpel gives them the gauntlet so the villains can win. The Trifecta of Villainesses is formed! Belle gets all shmoopy and asks Rumpel why he rescued her. Does he care about her? Belle, get a grip.

Rumpel is getting set for the spell; the stars in the sky are aligned with those in the sorcerer’s hat. Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff find the portal in the house and the three go through the portal to Arendelle. Before Anna leaves, she asks who Gold is really, and when she discovers that it’s Rumpelstiltskin, she scoffs and says he does nothing but lie. Suddenly Emma and Snow exchange worried glances. Was Gold playing them all along? As Gold begins to eave his spell, Snow and Emma try to intervene, and he’s ready to crush Hook’s heart when Belle appears with the dagger in hand to command Rumpel to let everyone go. Belle and Rumpel go to the town line, and Belle confronts him. She lets him know that she has seen all of the signs and he was full of shit. She used the gauntlet to find the real dagger, and she discovers that Rumpel only loved power, not her. She commands Rumpel to leave Storybrooke and cross the town line. He can never come back, and his magic is gone. We see Rumpel crouched in the middle of the road, calling Bells’s name. I really don’t know about their whole storyline. I mean, hey, everyone has to have their own pursuits even if they’re involved in a romantic relationship with someone. Rumpel wants power. I’m just saying Belle knew who he was to begin with, and she either should have made a decision to be okay with it or not be okay about it a lot earlier instead of expecting him to change.

Back in Arendelle, preparations are being made for Anna’s wedding to Kristoff. Anna has found the portrait of her mother and her aunts, and Elsa is going to give Anna away. We also get the chocolate scene from the movie.

Emma shoves Hook’s heart back into his chest, and they kiss. Emma later joins Regina at Granny’s diner and they end up ordering drinks. Before they can get toasted, Henry comes to get them to tell them he has found a whole library of blank fairy tale books in the sorcerer’s house. Since the library is full of potential storybooks, this could be the house of the author of the fairy take book. Emma is let in on the plan to help Regina get her happy ending, and she is all for it.

Six weeks later, Gold arrives in New York City. We get a flashback to a meeting he had with the Trifecta of Villainesses, and he had rejected their offer of an alliance. In New York City, he goes to Ursula to reopen talks about their alliance, and he tells her about the author of the fairy tales. Ursula is interested. Very interested.

And that’s it until next January. I really don’t know what they intend on doing with the storylines now. This show is even worse than Dark Shadows when it comes to retconning.

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