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Here in the U.S., we are coming to the end of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and a week that has brought us the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, the ensuing protests that clashed with the capitalist idea of the start of the Christmas shopping season. That news and commentary have been covered here and here by the other lovely writers on this site.

But the rest of the world had newsworthy stories of it’s own, so here we go:

One of the prominent leaders of the Hong Kong democracy movement was arrested earlier in the week and has now been ordered to stay away from the area where a protest camp was cleared.

Also, student leaders have been banned from traveling to mainland China to lobby for greater freedoms in the city. It’s rare that a Hong Kong resident’s “return home” permit would be revoked.

Hundreds of members of the LGBT community marched in the streets of New Delhi in the city’s Gay Pride Parade. It’s the first parade since India’s Supreme Court reinstated a ban on gay sex last year.

In a move that could be labeled under, “Oh damn,” Thailand’s Crown Prince has asked the government to strip his wife’s family of their royally bestowed name. Granted, several of Princess Srirasmi Akrapongpreecha’s close relatives were arrested for alleged involvement in corruption.

In more Thai news, former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra will face an impeachment hearing in January 2015.

In Myanmar, the government has called a summit for creating a constitution “impractical,” making it clear the hopes for a full democracy may be misplaced.

Four healthcare workers in Pakistan were killed when gunman opened fire on them as they were traveling by car. They were working as part of the country’s polio vaccination campaign. (Side rant: stories like this make me hate anti-vaxxers in the West even harder than normal. People are literally dying to get vaccinations to people, you ignorant assholes. End rant.)

Pakistan has the world’s fastest growing nuclear program.

A handshake saved a summit attended by eight Southeast Asian leaders in Nepal.

A report by the organization Oxfam says that Afghan women have been excluded from peace talks with the Taliban. The fear is that without women taking a significant role in the peace process, hard-won freedoms gained could be lost or bargained away.

Taiwan’s prime minister quits after his party was defeated in a landslide in local elections.

There is a growing HIV epidemic in South Asia.

So because the world is terrible sometimes, lets have a video of a red panda using a zookeeper as a climbing post.


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