News in Europe

News in Europe: Beer Europe and Vodka Europe

Yes, yes, and wine too, of course. But let’s have a look at the news first.

Outrage of the week: This German party trying to make speaking German at home compulsory for all residents. After the Twitter storm has died down a bit, here’s a more balanced view of the proposals, which have now been toned down.

The tone of European politics is getting more and more aggressive, with politicians telling each other to “shut it.” Not nice, you guys, especially when you say it in bad German.

Maybe it’s time for a new generation of Europeans to have a go at this big, beautiful project.

Some thoughts on European federalism, and I’ll get back to the actual news.

After militants attacked Chechnya’s capital Grozny, gun fights left at least 16 dead. And the more you read about it, the more worrying it becomes.

Protests turned violent in Athens on the anniversary of the death of a teenage boy killed by police in 2008.

Finland is to cooperate with Russia on a nuclear venture.

British citizen Shrien Dewani has been cleared of the murder of his wife by a court in Cape Town. Anni Dewani was killed while the couple were on their honeymoon in South Africa.

The mayor of Paris has announced plans to ban diesel cars from driving in the city by 2020.

After a surprise call by the Greek government to bring forward the presidential election, Greece’s stock market suffered its worst collapse ever.

Kosovo has been given the go-ahead to compete in the 2016 Olympics.

And finally, here are your stereotypes of the day. Now excuse me while I move my vodka bottle further east.

Until next week!

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