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News in Europe: Immigration, Immigration

Greetings, citizens. It’s (almost) all about immigration this week, a.k.a. the subject that keeps on giving.

The good people of Switzerland have rejected an immigration cap for their country in a referendum last weekend.

As I always suspected, Germans have a far more relaxed view on immigration than Brits.

Here’s an overview of the immigration policies of different countries.

Poland has warned Britain that it will not accept any British plans to cap benefits for EU migrants.

As a reminder to always check your facts, here is an analysis of David Cameron’s statement that 1.3 million Brits live abroad. It looks like he might well be off by 40%.

Finland has legalised same-sex marriage!

Poland has its first openly gay mayor. (Big shout-out to Słupsk; best place name ever!)

Edward Snowden has received a human rights award in Sweden.

After an election in Moldova, the three pro-European parties are trying to form a coalition government, despite the Socialist Party winning.

But just as we were getting hopeful, here are a few downers:

More than 50 fishermen are missing in the Bering Sea. It’s cold there.

In Germany, a young woman has died in hospital weeks after she was beaten when she tried to defend two teenage girls from assault.

ISIS are said to be launching attacks on Kobane from inside Turkey, although Turkey denies this.

I leave you with this, for reasons of information and amazement:

Until next week!

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That poor, poor German woman. And I’m soooo done with media spinning it into a “good assimilation/bad assimilation” story. She was a good person, the people that did it to them were bad people. I don’t care if she was integrated better than a white German, she helped a stranger. The others thought they could hurt and kill strangers. Easy as that.

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