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News in Europe: Rouble Down!

Greetings, citizens, and welcome to another week of sheer misery. I haven’t even got an animal-related story for you. Booo.

The Russian economy seems to be collapsing, with the price of the rouble falling dramatically. Here’s an overview.

In Dresden, Germany, 15,000 people have taken part in a very thinly veiled racist march against Islamization (which is not a thing, really). East Germans, I really want nothing to do with you right now. Here’s an excellent reply from a sensible German person, which I’ll translate in full in the comments.

Belgium has been brought to a complete standstill by a general strike, and nobody noticed, because it’s such a teeny-weeny cutie country, isn’t it? Naww.

For unknown or possibly no reasons at all, Spain has abolished rent control. Because what can possibly go wrong?

In Turkey, the state police have arrested 23 members of the opposition media. And if that was not enough, two of the most famous Turkish novelists are being criticised for being too Western by the pro-government press. Alright then, we’ll take them.

A Russian plane has had a near-miss with a Swedish passenger plane, which is a thought I’d rather not entertain for too long.

Russia fails to prevent homophobic violence, according to Human Rights Watch.

Ireland, on the other hand, is to hold a referendum on same-sex marriage. Not bad for a Catholic country.

And the prize for the most brazen art theft goes to the people walking out of a Madrid art gallery with a whopping 70 paintings. What a movie that will make!

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to a lot more good news in 2015.

Until then, enjoy your holidays!

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It’s a pretty good answer, and it has to be mentioned that many, many Germans are protesting against Pegida. The passage I marked with * I found a bit unfair towards East Germans, who can not be blamed for benefitting from the money the West has set aside for the East. But it’s a pretty polemic article anyway, so…

For those interested enough, here’s the translation:
“I don’t have to respect the worries and fears of people who seem to be too cold-hearted to see the fears that their instinct-free demonstrations are causing refugees and immigrants.
I don’t have to understand why 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and in areas with very little immigration, people are protesting against foreigners, simply because two decades on they still haven’t realised that it is internationalism that is responsible for Germany’s wealth.
I don’t have to bear the sight of a woman saying “We didn’t all take to the streets in 1989 for all those people to come over now” into the cameras […] To call those demonstrations “Monday demonstrations” is another case of a failure of instinct towards those who marched for freedom and open borders in 1989.
I don’t have to accept that those who have been directly and indirectly receiving benefits on a previously unknown scale for decades* now begrudge refugee children a roof over their heads.
I don’t have to make the same mistakes as some conservative politicians and repeat the shortcomings of their parties from the 60s to the 90s by now throwing bits of political goodwill to those ice cold demonstrators – to say nothing of the AfD and their ilk.
I don’t have to be Christian towards people who pretend to defend Christian traditions by preaching hatred and ostracism at Christmas time.
I don’t have to look for causes in order to clearly see the lowest instinct of the human race at work here: that of kicking the weakest and blaming your own personal problems and incompetence on arbitrary scapegoats.
I don’t have to bear the fact that people who have not spoken up for anything in years are now getting active only to bash minorities.
I don’t have to remind you of the fact that the German social benefit system in 2012 alone collected 22 billion Euros from immigrants and their descendants – and that this money will in the end pay for the pensions of those now demonstrating in Dresden.
I don’t have to be diplomatic, but, like many more of us, should go on the offensive: You people are a disgrace. Merciless, full of hatred for your fellow humans, and utterly despicable.”

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