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Congrats to our US-based folks! You survived Thanksgiving weekend, rife with awkward family tension, hot-button social issues, and Black Friday madness!

Following the failure to indict Darren Wilson, the past week has been busy with social activism around the nation, including the swiftly organized #BlackoutBlackFriday and #StopTheParade movements.

Here is a roundup of Ferguson-related news:

How to continue supporting Ferguson:

Here’s your non-Ferguson related News:

I can see why this would upset some people, but schadenfreude is one of my favorite things, so I enjoy this new Tumblr Racists Getting Fired from a distance.

Mary Hinkson, a former Martha Graham dancer, died on November 28th. You can see her in action the short film, On the Sound (1962).

Vassar professor Kiese Laymon talks about the complicated relationship between being a black faculty member at a “prestige school,” the criminalization of black and brown bodies on the campus, and tense between town-gown relations. As a “model minority” at Vassar, I never had issues with being policed, but many friends and classmates did. As a former supervisor of programs that brought local middle school and high school students to campus, we were exceptionally mindful of making sure our students were not left in a position where their very existence on the campus could raise suspicion, which speaks to how minorities are marked as safe or unsafe in “privileged” spaces. It also points to the ways some communities and colleges will never entirely be able to bridge their differences because of marked race (and class) differences.

Native American Heritage month ended on Sunday, so we continue to celebrate the work of Native poets.

President Obama’s remarks on immigration reform sparked a lot of conversation, but his current silence on the student massacre in Ayotzinapa points to the troubling U.S. role in the War on Drugs both here and abroad.

I already threw one article in here last week about the role of the white narrator in the Internet podcast sensation Serial. Buzzfeed points to the ways model minority myths help further the narratives of untrustworthy (potentially evil or malicious) characters.

In Hollywood is the WORST news, we have our whitewashed Tiger Lily in Joe Wright’s Pan

Seriously, who asked for this?
Seriously, who asked for this?

We also have everyone (namely Ridley Scott, Rupert Murdoch, and Christian Bale) associated with Exodus just generally being terribly, willfully ignorant. Praying that Sigourney Weaver keeps her mouth shut.

MTV has a new “Untitled Whiteness Project.” It’s going as well as expected, as in it’s drawing upon false notions of reverse racism and will probably do more to confuse conversations about race than help.

Samira Wiley is Out 100’s Ingenue of the Year because she is perfect.


The Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer was released online, and so was people’s racist ire towards star John Boyega. Luckily, he took it all in stride.

Here is that now viral video of the Iranian woman dancing to Little Mix’s “Salute” on the train. I like to end things on an inspirational and badass note.

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Oh, I stayed away from family. No sense getting into an argument with people who are supposed to care about you but also think it’s ok to argue that shooting an unarmed teenager isn’t a crime. Like, we don’t have a constitutional right to assemble, but they DO have a right to use the highway? Really?

I also spent some time making complaints to the Cleveland city council and police citizen complaint line. Apparently I’m not the only one, but I definitely broke down and snapped at someone at one point. (In my defense, they had just referenced the Bill of Rights in order to justify looking into Rice’s home life in the wake of his shooting. Just … eye twitch.)

I also have been looking for online information about donating to Rice’s funeral, but I haven’t had much luck. I saw on the news that the family is collecting money to give their son a proper burial. If you find anything, please post it.

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