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How was your weekend? This past week was a busy one for social activism.

President Obama urges patience regarding racial progress.

Meanwhile, the current new immigration stance may mean dramatic effects to the Mexico-U.S. border region.

Darker-skinned black girls are more likely to be suspended than lighter-skinned girls.

NYPD misconduct claims are at a high.

Federal courts granted a restraining order to the people of Ferguson against Ferguson police.

Are you white and do you have opinions on Ferguson and the #BlackLivesMatter movement? Here are some tips for you.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend sent food trucks to protesters in NYC last weekend to show their support.

Some students in Portland tried to participate in the #BlackLivesMatter campaign at their school and were quickly silenced.

During a stand-up set in New Orleans, Dave Chappelle recounts being choked by the police.

While the #BlackLivesMatter movement keeps gaining momentum, black women keep getting left out of the conversation of police brutality.

Here are some of the images and tweets of the protests from this past weekend.

12-year-old Tamir Rice’s death was officially declared a homicide.

Two white Mississippi women have pleaded guilty to hate crimes against black men.

During the recession, studies show that the wealth gap between the races has increased.

Ethnic Studies classes are coming to high school classrooms in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Thanks to those Sony email leaks, we now know that producers are super racist and their apologies will hide behind, “it was a private joke.” Racist in private = why PoCs are rarely leads in major movies.

Shonda Rhimes did not break the glass ceiling and we love her for saying it.

Ava DuVernay is the first black woman to receive a Golden Globe nomination for best director, for Selma. Just a reminder, it’s 2014.

NAACP Image award nominees are out and Belle, Beyond the Lights, Dear White People, Get on Up, and Selma are all nominated for major awards.

Teenage Queen Malala Yousafzai had an emotional moment at the sight of her bloodied school uniform on public display for the first time.

Gwen Stefani thinks the Harajuku girls were a “pure compliment.”

Also out of touch with reality and racism, Mark Wahlberg want his record of violent racist crimes erased so he can be a reserve cop.

Last weekend, Atia Atkinson became the first black woman to win a world titled in swimming.

For those of us still listening to Serial and increasingly frustrated by how much isn’t said about race, Flavorwire has a piece on Hae Min Lee.

The Hairpin talks about iconic women coming together to combat racism in their lives and the lives of others.

We couldn’t possibly love this tweet more than we already do:

Donald Glover has a new pilot called Atlanta heading over to FX.

Cartoonist Vishavjit Singh, also known as Captain Sikh America was in a Facebook Tips video and surprise(!), people got super racist.

How much do you love that Exodus is being panned? Here’s a piece over at Pajiba about defenses of whitewashing.

The Aerogram discusses the problems of Kalinda Sharma on The Good Wife.

Speaking of failing to acknowledge racial diversity as it exists, here are some magazines that didn’t feature a single model of color on their covers: “the U.S. and U.K. branches of Harper’s Bazaar, Teen Vogue, Vogue UK, Vogue Netherlands, Vogue Paris, Vogue Ukraine, Vogue Russia, Numéro, LOVE, and Porter.”

Fashion blogger Abi Ishola launched the Beyond Classically Beautiful campaign in response to Alessandra Stanley’s comments about Viola Davis. You can check out these amazing pictures here.

This weekend was the third year of Teletón USA, the American version of Mexico’s famed Teletón. It was 30 hours of famous latino celebrities coming together to raise funds for rehabilitation centers for children with disabilities.

A new track by Nicki Minaj and Queen B leaked last week.

Let’s end this on the best study guide ever courtesy of Feministing and Queen B.

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