Ten Villancicos For Your Christmas Playlists

As Christmas is getting closer and closer, I’m sure a lot of you are starting to suffer Christmas music fatigue, so I’m here to offer new music to put a bit of oomph into your Christmas playlists.

I bring new life into your playlists in the form of villancincos, or Spanish language Christmas carols. For you, I’ve scoured YouTube for some of the most fun versions of these songs. I made sure the videos were as enjoyable as the songs.

1. Juanes – “Mi Burrito Sabanero”

So much is happening in this one. Juanes’ hair is ever flowing, he’s singing on a rock? With a really strange background? I just???? It’s definitely a favorite of mine.

2. RBD – “Campanas de Belen”

Super group from the early ’00s RBD sings this favorite Christmas song while frolicking in the snow. What more could you ask for?

3. Yuri – “Campanas de Belen”

I know it’s the same song as before but I couldn’t let you go on with your lives without seeing this. Look at that perfect ’80s hair! Check out that great ’80s outfit! I have fond memories of singing this song whenever I visited my family in Mexico.

4. Garibaldi – “Los Peces En El Río”

If I think hard enough, I can almost remember this performance through a haze. If not this one in particular, I do remember them performing this exact song on another show. Look at those costumes! Look at those dance moves! Never has singing Christmas carols been this fun. Did you ever think the running man wold go along with Christmas music? Well it does! And now you can break out these dance moves at your next party.

5. Patylu – “Arre Borriquito”

I personally have never heard of this artist before, but when I watched the video I was in awe. The weird bastardized versions of traditional costumes the dancers are wearing and the very obvious lip synching made this video win out over the other versions I found.

6. Timbiriche – “Chiquirritín”

So ’80s! It features a great Thalia solo at 1:45. You can tell she was just waiting to go solo because her talent couldn’t be contained in a group.

7. Guillermo Capetillo – “25 de Diciembre”

The quality in this video is pretty terrible, but the song is just fun. It’s also an interpretation of a traditional Catalan villancico that you can find here.

8. Tatiana – “Las Posadas (Santos Peregrinos)”

I am really upset I couldn’t find you a video of her performing it. This song is actually super religious (all of them are really) and it’s weird for me to hear it sound so poppy since I hear my grandma singing it whenever I think about it.

9. Oscar Athie – “La Marimorena”

Oscar’s dance moves are too much for me. Also, why is he trying to seduce us? This is a Christmas song! Stop with the winking!

10. Jose Feliciano – “Feliz Navidad”

I couldn’t end this list without our dear friend Jose Feliciano. No Christmas playlist is complete without him.


So I hope you’ve enjoyed this playlist, and I hope you add it to your next holiday party’s playlist!


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