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The UfYH Gift Guide

Cleaning supplies aren’t necessarily the first thing you go for when you’re thinking about holiday gifts, but if you know the person well enough to know that such a gift might be appreciated, here are some ideas to get your loved ones started on unfucking their habitat. I wouldn’t recommend giving any cleaning products as a gift to a significant other unless you’ve very specifically discussed it, because no matter how good your intentions, that’s going to land you in a heap of trouble.¬†

The UfYH Starter Kit:

You can clean just about anything with these four products. (Brands aren’t important.) Package them up in a cute wastebasket, mop bucket, or dishpan, and add a few touches for a young adult¬†striking out on their own or a close friend who’s determined to get her mess under control. The whole thing should run you well under $20.

Steam Mops:

Shark Steam Pocket Mop, $49.99 on Amazon

The Shark is a great place to start if steam mopping is new to you.

Image of Shark Steam Mop
Image from

Haan SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer, $93 on Amazon

This is the model I currently have, and I love it.

Picture of red Haan SI-60 steam mop
image from

Other Fun Stuff:

DBTech handheld steamer, $34.99 on Amazon

This one comes with a ton of attachments, and lets you clean just about anything using only steam.

Image of blue DBTech handheld steamer
Image from

Houndstooth custom dish gloves, $12 from Moonberry Rain on Etsy.

I know it’s a little Kim and Aggie of me, but I love customized rubber gloves. I’ve made (much less professional-looking) pairs with some fun duct tape and glue-on trim.

picture of purple rubber dish gloves with houndstooth fabric cuffs
Image from the Moonberry Rain shop on
(Amazon prices subject to change.)

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