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This Open Thread is “Clopening”

Ah, the “Clopen.” A retail worker’s worst nightmare. It’s trade lingo for either closing the store and then opening the next morning, leaving one with the feeling that it was a waste of time to drive home and maybe having a cot in the stockroom isn’t the worst idea ever, or working the dreaded open to close shift. Today is the latter. There’s a nor’easter and I can’t ask someone to risk coming in for the wage a sales associate earns. It’s not ideal, but I’m prepared — an extra meal and the Three Cs — comfy shoes, caffeine, and cookies.

What is everyone else up to this evening? Staying warm, I hope!

By [E]queSarahSarah

Part-time artist, full-time crankypants who dabbles in knitting, running, and burpees.

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