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This Weekend Open Thread Would Rather be Protesting


In case you haven’t noticed, our world is royally fucked up. Two different white cops just got away with murdering unarmed Black men within less than a week and a half of each other. And those are just the most recent examples. Police have been getting away with this for, well, forever. Plus there are countless other examples of racism as well as sexism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, and all the other biases out there.

I would like to be marching with my fellow New Yorkers in protest this week. Hell, I’ve had some wine, so I’d REALLY like to be tearing shit down. But I can’t do either, because I’m in school and it’s the end of the semester so I have papers that I have to write.

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I attended protests in Ohio, but some friends who were detained/arrested (not sure which, but they were led away). I would like to go back but I just don’t have the support system in place should I find myself detained overnight or all weekend. I’ve been held in a squad car before, but I was released within a couple hours. I was never charged with any crime, but I was tackled by two uniformed men and forcibly handcuffed. The entire experience made me bitter against the police, especially because it wasn’t so long ago that police unions were protesting against a union bill in Ohio themselves.

Also, there’s an online verified donation site for Tamir Rice’s family: I tried donating via US bank, but the teller acted like I was crazy and wasn’t very helpful at all.

I’d love to be protesting too, but there haven’t been much organization here in Central Florida. I only hear about it after the fact and they’re pretty small compared to the ones going on in NYC, Chicago, etc.

So, I’m thinking of putting part of my paycheck aside to donate to bail and legal funds for protesters who are arrested, like a tithe but for a good purpose.

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