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Getting closer and closer to the end of the season. The winter season seems boring too, except for Aldnoah Part 2.  I probably should focus on the shows I still watch, though. So Argevollen had a story twist, I didn’t really expect that one coming. Sword Art Online was a straight gaming moment. Shingeki is revealing parts of the plot; this show knows how to do it well, unlike Gundam G, which is really just “fight of the week” against Mask. Fate/Night finally lost one servant, and it wasn’t destroyed by Rin or Shirou. Psycho-Pass increased the drama level though, that was just evil, poor Akane.

Argevollen, Ep 22

A twist…planned since the very start.

The Captain stole all the Sturm Betas and the Argevollen. He led an ambush that didn’t look like one to do that. The whole thing was planned from the start, I wonder what the builders get in exchange. Sleazy corporates who just screwed Iglemia over.

Of course, Unit 8 is not happy. They decided to trail the Perphevollen with their limited means. It was a nice, “We want to punch the Captain in the face and screw orders” moment.

Sword Art Online II, Ep 21

Not only did they dispatch 20 players in less than three minutes (and Kirito/Klein another large bunch of players), they also defeated the boss. Yeah!

The team killed the boss
Seven people succeeding…the raiding guild is not happy.

Although, the rest of the episode was rather sad from Yuuki being sad and logging out promptly at the end. What is going on? Siune seems to know though, but that’s not helping Asuna.

Gundam: G no Reconguista, Ep 11

Still thinking of dropping this.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Ep 8

Amira has strange dream and finally pointed out her dad to Kaisar, Rita, and Favaro. And they all wonder if he is a demon or something else. I suspect he might not be her dad.

Kaisar and Favaro were made Orlean Knights, and Favaro was not pleased. I get the feeling that was done at Jeanne’s request. She also got a new toy from the archangel Michael: a sword that can kill a god. The King was not happy.

We also got a new demon: Belzeebuth. Going by Azazel’s comment to him, that’s our real antagonist. Seems like Lucifer wants the key to revive Satan, Belzee as another idea, though. He also seems to be responsible for Amira stealing the key.

The king finally reached the “I’m totally jealous and crazy” level, with the help of some demon magic. This means Jeanne is going to join the group soon (or die).

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Ep 8

Shirou is practicing swordfighting…and copying Archer’s stance. Saber is not a fan.

Shinji seems to have lost a screw or two since the last time we saw him, I’m not sure if that is an improvement. His super awesome idea was to turn the school in Day of the Living Dead, so Rider could suck out energy from everyone there. Idiot. Or maybe it was Caster who manipulated events to get rid of Rider?

Bye, bye Rider, we barely knew you.

Psycho-Pass 2, Ep 9

Going by some of the stuff happening in this episode, Kamui is being used. So is Mika (she really is an idiot).

The Togane used Mika to get the place where Akane is keeping her grandma, but one of Kamui’s best friends knew of the plan to use her Grandma against her. The plan seems to be to color Akane black. Mika is really distraught over it, but her hue isn’t changing. Apparently, that’s because she is a model citizen.

Angry Akane
Angry Akane is a rare sight.

Kamui started the final push at the end of the episode. Akane is aware of it, she’s already back to “normal.” Someone is going to pay for this. The omnipotent paradox needs to be resolved.

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