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A few shows have ended: Argevollen, Sword Art Online II, and Psycho-Pass 2.  There is one more episode left of Shingeki No Bahamut, but Fate/Night is staying for the winter season.

Argevollen ep 24

The End

This was a fast last episode, and they crammed a lot of stuff in it. Cayenne plans were destroyed by Samonji and his friend Izumi. The Unit 8 XO killed Cayenne and let Samonji live too.

Susume got back his Argevollen for just a little bit, but the U-Link system was destroyed by Samonji in the end. Kerbenas went bankrupt but still managed to pay Jamie a severance package with a few too many zeros. The two countries exchanged officers in a truce. Samonji was the one sent to Iglemia.

Sword Art Online II ep 23

The End

Asuna brought Yuuki to school and she ended up receiving some hints to talk to her mother as a result.

Looks like we found out why Asuna really wanted that house in the cedar wood. It looks like her grandpa and grandma’s house in Miyagi. It made her mom cry too. As a result, Asuna doesn’t have to transfer for the next year.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis ep 10


Jeanne accepted Martinet’s offer and turned into a demon…right on top of her pillar of fire. She ran off with her sword, too. At least, she’s going to rejoin the rest of the action. Go, Dark Jeanne.

Amira finally meets her mother, who is apparently not her mother. Bleezy created Amira using that angel and most of her memories are implanted. The whole thing was a scam. She’s just a vessel to get the key to free Bahamut. Poor Amira.

Azazel never catch a break
Azazel never catch a break

Favaro also got turned into a demon, although his form was less flashy than Jeanne’s. He also made a broadsword of his Bahamut’s nail. Kaisar is a prisoner, too, so it leaves Rita to save the gang. Rita along with Azazel and Bacchus.

Everyone is going to Abos next. That’s where Bahamut is.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works ep 10

Rin and Shirou got their asses kicked by Caster and her master. The master is the weird teacher from school. He happens to have lived at the Temple for 3 years. He is also a front line fighter and could handle himself against Saber of all people. Yep, that OP.

Shirou also did his first projection of Archer’s swords. He likes them very much. Rin was a bit what the hell about it, too. It’s called projection and it is apparently useless. Although I suspect she sees the link to what Archer is doing.

Shinji has his new servant and he more or less told him to do what ever you want. It’s also the blond guy who was seen talking to Saruka a few time so far.

Psycho-Pass 2 ep 11

The End

So this was a fast-paced episode. First, it solved everything without changing the status quo too much, but there is a movie coming, so this might explain it.

Next, Akane guessed that Togane killed her grandma. She didn’t do anything to him. Kamui ended up killing him. Sibyl also collectively judged Kamui, which resulted in some brain purge, including Misako Togane.

Sibyl purging herself
Sibyl purging herself

Interesting bits of this episode, criminally asymptomatic is not permanent. Togane CC rose to new height when he tried to kill his mother in a possessive fit.

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