Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Here’s what we read this week:

“There aren’t a lot of Asian-American women writing things” and other myths of authorship. Salon

What’s so wrong about “rescuing” sex workers. Vice

The geography of women’s employment. New York Times

Let’s talk about bad sex. Feministe

I learned a new word today: lumbersexual.

I think this article on costumes in Selma was the best thing I read all week. The Root

The neurobiology of trauma. Everyday Feminism

Joan Didion for Céline. The Guardian

The history of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s friendship. Vulture

Speaking of which, here’s them pointing out that Amal Alamuddin is much more deserving of a lifetime achievement award than her husband, George Clooney. Time

An actual letter Ayn Rand wrote to a teen girl. The Toast


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