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Gif Party: How I Feel about Ayn Rand

Oh, Ayn Rand! For some, she is a beacon of wisdom! She is the founder of the philosophy of objectivism and graced humankind with her teachings! Her beliefs are the very embodiment of American ideals! She even has two official fan clubs, the Ayn Rand Institute and the Atlas Society. Dear Ayn Rand. How some revere thee.

Photo of Ayn Rand
The lady of the hour. Image via Wikipedia.

But what is objectivism? This clip from Dirty Dancing summarizes objectivsm in just a few words.

We at Persephone Magazine agree with Baby Houseman. Now for the I-Hate-Ayn-Rand-themed gif party! You make me sick, Ayn Rand!

Cat gagging in disgust.
Image via Giphy.
Hermione Granger disgutsed
Image via Giphy.
Carl Winslow disgusted
Image via Giphy.
Man disgusted at image
Image via Giphy.
Schmidt from New Girl gagging
Image via Giphy.
Ace Ventura plunging his face.
Image via Giphy.
Jessie & Kelly making gagging motion
Image via Giphy.

If you have any gifs please share! Let’s make our disgust for Ayn Rand very clear!

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