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Golden Globes 2015: Diversity Edition

Awards Season: looking at crazy dresses and drinking every time someone almost forgets to thank their spouse or significant other.

So the Golden Globes happened, and you might have reacted like Jessica Chastain or Don Cheadle during most of the show.


While we could spend hours debating the merits of the hosting, the humor, and the whole spectacle, let’s just take a moment to focus on some things that made the night wonderful.


Salma Hayek made me want to be a fancy couch covered in plastic in your Nana’s sitting room.


Lupita Nyong’o made me wish it was spring, and I have the worst allergies ever so that actually is a huge compliment.

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Who said you had to be an actress to slay? Ava DuVernay looked so good, she upped the game for her fellow directors in every possible way.

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Via Tumblr

Supporting Marginalized Voices

Joanne Froggatt spoke about rape victims and their desire to be heard.

Common and John Legend spoke about the parallels between Selma and Ferguson.

Jill Soloway dedicated her show and work to Leelah Alcorn and other trans people. You can watch the video at the link.

2015: Year of 3-Dimensional Women!

Maggie Gyllenhaal’s speech talked about creating actual roles for actual women.

Gina Rodriguez!

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Via Tumblr

With an inspiring, hopeful and exuberant speech, Gina Rodriguez convinced everyone to watch Jane the Virgin (which they should because it’s STELLAR).


GG2015Prince1 GG2015Prince2

I’ll let queens Viola Davis and Allison Janney explain how we feel about Prince.

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Via Tumblr

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Loved Salma Hayek’s dress, did not understand the belt. And she was not the only one who did it! It was like, “Well, it’s only the Globes, but I want to wear a ball gown…I know, I’ll dress it down with a belt!” You are wearing a freaking amazing ball gown! Own it! Do not turn it into a casual ball gown. There is no such thing as a casual ball gown.

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