High Fives: Sara Habein

I had the pleasure to discuss music with one of my favorite people in the world, our own Sara Habein. We know how much I love lists and rankings, and it seems that having a discussion about music and adding rankings to things is right up my alley. I had so much fun having a little back and forth with Sara. 

Alyson: What are your top 5 favorite albums, commonly referred to as the desert island albums?

Sara: Okay, that I can do. Theoretically.

1. The Masterplan – Oasis (that way I get the shedload of good Noel-sung B-sides.)
2. Razorblade Suitcase – Bush (Even though I don’t think Bush’s new music is any good now, this is still one of my favorite albums.)
3. Cold Roses – Ryan Adams and The Cardinals (Includes some of my all-time favorites like “Let It Ride.”)
4. Blue – Joni Mitchell (which is perfect in every way)
5. Euphoria Heartbreak – Glasvegas (outstandingly beautiful

There are honorable mentions of course, but these would be the ones that I’d be sad if I could no longer hear.

A: I think its interesting you chose that Bush album. I’ve always been particular to Sixteen Stone.

S: It’s not like I listen to it super-often, but I still love it. I think it’s their best album.

A: Who are you top five favorite musical artists?

S: 1. Noel Gallagher [Author’s note: Shocker]
2. Florence Welch (she almost scooted in there over Blue in the albums list)
3. Ryan Adams
4. Johnny Marr
5. Stevie Nicks

Dammit, now I realize I don’t have a Fleetwood Mac album in that Top 5. Oh well.

A: Wow about Florence.

S: I just think she’s so interesting.  She’s one of my favorites because I’m always intrigued by what she does. Plus, she seems a little weird, and I like weird people, ha.

A: I like weird people too. I’ve really only heard “Dog Days are Over.”

S: The numbers don’t necesssarily indicate ranking, btw. It’s just so I can see how many I’ve said. Even though you know Noel is of course my #1 True Love. [Author’s note: See, I told you!] “Shake It Off” is probably my favorite Florence song. Or is it “Shake It Out…” Hell, see Taylor Swift has confused me!

A: Well, Taylor Swift has confused me too. I actually like her now.

Least five fav music anything?

S: Okay let me think…

Hmmm… I could do 5 Least Favorite Songs Off The Top of My Head:

1. “Don’t Speak” – No Doubt

2. “I Kissed a Girl” – Katy Perry (Jill Sobule or GTFO!!)

3. What’s the song people always do at karaoke? “Before He Cheats” or something… It’s a country song and a woman vandalizes the dude’s truck? I don’t know who sings it.

(still thinking)

A: “Before He Cheats” is by Carrie Underwood. I can attest to everyone doing this song at karaoke.

S: Oh, okay. That song sucks.

A: I’m curious why you don’t like “Don’t Speak.”

S: It seems so whiny and “look at me,” and is almost everything that annoys me about Gwen Stefani. Which I know is an unpopular opinion, not liking her. I find her very insincere.

4. Do you remember that song called “Butterfly Kisses?” I don’t remember who it’s by, but it just popped into my head all the sudden,and I haven’t heard it in ages (thankfully)… It was just schmaltzy Christian rock that somehow found its way on to pop radio in the ’90s.

A: God yes, that song was awful. I swear every wedding I went to in the ’90s had that song and a lot of them were Father-Daughter dances.

S: And people were like “Oh it’s so sweet!” No, shut up. It’s weird and makes me think of Purity Balls.

A: Yeah, it was a weird time in the ’90s when you could get that Christian cheese on the radio. Also see: Amy Grant

S: 5. (Here’s a surprising one) “Swamp Song” by Oasis. It’s their noisy instrumental and I’ve never liked it and I always skip right over it. It’s the only Oasis song I actively dislike. Heee… I had an Amy Grant tape when I was a kid, but it was her pop album.

I could have things like Toby Keith or a lot of pop-country on my list, but I don’t hear it that often, thankfully.

A: Tragic Kingdom brought up my trans feelings again for some reason when it came out, like I had buried it so like “Don’t Speak” totally has a different feel for me

“I Kissed a Girl” sucks too. Seriously, that song is so problematic.

S: I like a lot of the other songs on Tragic Kingdom. That’s sort of the frustrating thing — I like a lot of No Doubt songs, but Gwen herself, I’m not a fan. “Sunday Morning” is probably my favorite No Doubt song. I’ve even seen them live, but have never liked “Don’t Speak.”

And Katy Perry, some of her songs are admittedly catchy (“Hot and Cold,” for instance)… but that first big single… ALL THE RAGE.

A: Definitely. I happen to love “Roar” and “Firework.”

S: In that it was super popular and it inspired all my rage, ha.

A: Yeah inspired my rage too. Faux lesbianism for shock value never is a good thing. Also see: TaTu.

S: I’m noticing I don’t have any David Bowie in my list.

Top 5s are hard!

A: They are!

If you could erase anyone’s complete discography from the collective consciousness, who would it be?

S: Ha! Hmmm…

Well now, here’s where we say Toby Keith.

A: Awesome.

S: This is where we do not reward his weird xenophobic “jus’ folks” career.

A: My response to this question is always the Eagles. I don’t know why but they just really irk me.

S: Ha! I don’t mind them, but I don’t really dig them either.

I learned that Sara sticks to her love of Oasis through thick and thin. She even admitted that one of their songs sucks. That was a bold move! I actually think that’s a sign of respect for an artist when you can admit they make shit. I really hope to be able to continue to do more of these because I had so much fun!

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Other people probably like “Swamp Song,” but it’s noise to me. Then again, extended jams are rarely my thing (like Lindsey Buckingham’s solo in Fleetwood Mac’s “I’m So Afraid.” Oh my god, just get on with the song already), and this is sort of their version of it.

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