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New Show Recap: Agent Carter 1×03, “Time and Tide”

Continuing the fast pace of last week’s two-hour premiere, Agent Carter continues to kick ass, take names, and look fucking gorgeous.

This episode should have been titled “Peggy attempts to clean up everyone’s messes, including her own.”

Poor Jarvis. The men of the SSR found the license plate that was ripped off of the Stark car during the implosion at the oil plant last week and they hauled him in for interrogation. Peggy basically had to cause a bunch of problems to free him, lest he reveal secrets about Leviathan and what Peggy has been up to with helping Stark. Unfortunately, her distraction doesn’t help change their minds about his involvement and reinforces her male colleagues’ opinion that she is not capable of doing what she does, though it does give her and Jarvis some time to regroup.

Peggy and Jarvis track down more stolen Stark tech to a boat with the logo they keep encountering. Jarvis calls in an anonymous tip about the tech, since there’s no way Peggy could call in that she found the goods without implicating herself as Stark’s accomplice. Unfortunately, this caused a wee bit more of a problem.

In the ensuing struggle with the SSR trying to take the boat, one of their own was gunned down. This show is not pulling punches with death. Krzeminski seemed like he was doomed from the start, since he wasn’t developed beyond being a one-note misogynist. Apparently, there was one more agent than they needed and he was deemed expendable by the writers.

The dynamic between Jarvis and Peggy is quickly developing with some great chemistry. Comics have always been great when they have a crime fighting duo, whether Batman and Robin or the original Birds of Prey (Oracle and Black Canary). It’s awesome that Peggy is the main character and Jarvis is coded as the sidekick. After reading recently how a lot of female comic book characters were created to just be helpers or sidekicks to their male hero, it’s a great role reversal. The writers definitely understand this chemistry and have allowed it to shine through.

I was especially pleased to learn a lot about Jarvis this episode. His backstory provided some awesome and sad moments. I love the fact he forged papers to help a Jewish woman escape the Nazis, resulting in his being charged with treason. Howard Stark helped get the treason charges dropped, and that is how Jarvis became the most loyal Stark supporter. All the pieces are falling together.

The creepiest revelation was that the voiceless men from the last episode were dead Russian soldiers. This is a big revelation and could lead us to learning that someone learned how to reanimate bodies. Someone like Armin Zola. Leviathan is quickly becoming a great source of mystery for me and I want to know more. I assume the Winter Soldier ties in somehow; Bucky died too and was revived by Russians.

I want to know the truth about Angie. It just seems so curious that a pretty well-known actress is so far only playing a waitress and next-door neighbor for Peggy. I love the friendship between those two but I can’t help but think something is amiss there. I guess it’s because a lot of the MCU (especially Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) has taught me not to trust anyone. Normal people don’t appear in spy shows or superhero shows unless they are the ones being saved. So far Angie hasn’t been saved.

Also, Hayley Atwell’s Twitter feed is fucking fantastic. I wish I could just screencap everything.

Why oh why indeed? I love the drawings from that picture.

This made my day. Hayley apparently has issues in fight scenes. She kicked a stuntman in the balls a few times when filming a fight scene in the first episode; I am just glad to know she continues to accidentally hit people with things.

Can we please cast her in everything now?


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