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New Show Recap: Agent Carter, 01×04, “The Blitzkrieg Button”

I cannot believe we are already halfway through the first season of Agent Carter. I really like the miniseries or British TV series feel of only doing eight-episode seasons. It keeps the characters fresh without bogging them down in repetitive monster-of-the-week episodes. A lot of major television shows could benefit from doing 13-episode seasons instead of the standard American full season of 22. 

I was really excited this week because everyone’s favorite cad, Howard Stark, returned to try to con Peggy into helping him rescue some of his interesting technology. Dominic Cooper does a great job of playing Iron Man’s daddy. He and RDJ must have some interesting conversations about House Stark.

Marvel boss Joe Quesada was apparently just as happy as I to have Agent Carter back. I hope watching her kick ass was a bit of  warmth for everyone on the East Coast.

Agent Sousa is developing as a great side character and I really enjoy his plot. I mean, I hate that he is going after our girl Peggy, but he probably will change his mind once he hears her out. He seems reasonable enough to listen to — gasp! — a woman. I think the fact that his boss berates him almost as much as Peggy is a good setup for a nice partnership down the road. Watching Thompson humiliate Sousa was hard during Sousa’s own interrogation. Sousa found out that a dark-haired woman was seen outside the dock the night when Stark and Jarvis called in the stolen tech. Thompson continues to believe that Stark is guilty. While this might be partially true, Stark isn’t selling secrets to anyone. He is too much of an American to play against his home team.

Case in point, the eponymous Blitzkreig Button turns out to be a vial of Captain America’s blood. Howard really wants to either figure out the super soldier serum or is trying to maybe figure out other applications for it. Agent Carter doesn’t like the fact Stark lied about what the Blitzkrieg Button was. I don’t blame her; I would have this reaction too.

This is my new favorite GIF and it needs to be everywhere. Hayley Atwell nails the “fuck off” face.

Stan Lee appeared in this episode. It was glorious. I will not spoil it with pictures or video.

Dottie also finally showed her true colors. She is more than just a neighbor of Peggy. Now who is she really? I think she is probably from another field office; she couldn’t be Hydra or Leviathan, could she? I guess that would make sense. I mean, she fought off the bad guy from this episode, which leads me to believe she is on the side of good and Peggy. It has Agent 13 from Winter Soldier parallels all over it.

Definitely my favorite Howard Stark one-liner this episode. It flips the gender roles we constantly see on tv. Peggy Carter is the strong heroine and Jarvis is the “weak” helper.

Jarvis continues to be a national treasure and I want more of him. I would watch a Jarvis spinoff at this point.

In the end though, it all comes back to Peggy being Peggy. Really, why else would anyone watch this show? I really hope Atwell is recognized for her outstanding achievements come next awards season.

The ending of the episode definitely felt like a great set up for the last four of the series. The typewriter coming to life was spooky as fuck. I cannot wait to find out more about Leviathan and watch Peggy kick dudes’ asses.

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