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Hong Kong protesters are still getting into trouble. Good for them.

Pope Francis was in the Philippines, where he condemned corruption that deprives the poor (yay), but reaffirmed the church’s stance on contraception (boo).

The pope also traveled to Sri Lanka, where he, among other things, canonized a saint.

The Pakistani government has banned the Haqqani Network and other groups in response to the December 16 killing of school children in a Pakistani school.

The government also adopted a resolution to condemn the satirical cartoons of Charlie Hebdo.

A US judge dismissed a lawsuit against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Also, Obama is set to visit India in the next week, and the security preparations are massive.

There’s outrage over a minister in Goa’s statements that there will be center set up to “cure gays.”

If you’re in need of a movie to watch, might I recommend the religious satireĀ PK, which is India’s highest grossing film of all time.

A North Korean defector who is now a leading human rights advocate admitted that some details of his story are inaccurate; however, other human rights experts argue that it shouldn’t discredit him completely.

Several Thailand provinces are experiencing a severe drought.

This article describes how Asian cities could help slow down climate change.


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