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News in Europe: Camel Wrestling?

Yes. There will be something about camel wrestling later, but let’s have some news first.

The fallout from Charlie Hebdo continues: Two terrorists were killed by police in Belgium, the weekly Pegida rally in Dresden had to be cancelled (muhaha), and security measures have been upped all over the place.

Speaking of Pegida: Amidst reports of racially motivated crimes, an Eritrean refugee was killed in Dresden, and some Pegida supporters’ comments are enough to make you sick. For shame!

In other news, tensions are flaring up in Ukraine again, with several deaths and new attacks on Donetsk airport. The Russian threat is making a lot of people uncomfortable, so much so that Lithuania is now issuing survival leaflets.

The Greek election is looming amidst discussions about the possibility of forgiving the country’s debts.

Polish prosecutors have requested Roman Polanski’s extradition. About time.

Russia is not happy about the Oscar nomination for “Leviathan.”

In not exactly good, but Schadenfreude news, it has been revealed that the number of British benefit claimants in some European countries is even higher than their counterparts in Britain. Take that, Ukip! (But, fear not, those data can be interpreted to show the exact opposite.) Here’s an interesting article about Poland’s only British benefits claimant. What a brave man, trying to get by in a country with such a completely impossible language… But, really, it just goes to show that life is hard.

Are we uncomfortable hearing foreign languages spoken in the street? I’m not, but it looks like some people are. A lovely article there by AL Kennedy.

In exciting news, this: It turns out that modern technology has made it possible to partially read burnt documents buried during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius that destroyed Herculaneum. This was almost 2000 years ago — which makes the whole thing pretty awesome.

Also, this guy is ace. Poles for the win!

And here we have it: A wrestling camel. It’s a thing. Are we intrigued? I can’t even imagine how this would work, but I’m more than a bit too scared to google it.

See you next week!

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