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News in Europe: The Charlie Aftermath

The news this week has mostly been about the fall-out from the Charlie Hebdo attacks. It’s not often you get such a clear picture of the state of the world just by looking at the news headlines.

And it’s worrying. I suppose it depends on what publications you usually read, but even in the moderate left-wing papers, the world seems in a constant state of uproar. There are marches, so many marches. Policemen have “fallen” like the war is already on. Everyone seems to be out in the streets, protesting against each other. It’s enough to make you despair.

I don’t have to “be” anything to object to the killing of people, to hatred, and to gross generalisations. I don’t have to constantly take sides and voice my outrage. I’m just scared, and I would like someone to sort out the world for me, please. There must be enough people around who just want to get along; it’s not actually that difficult.

Anyway, here are some news for you:

Charlie Hebdo is back with a new, already sold-out edition this Wednesday.

Lots of people have been marching.

Some haven’t. (Autoplay video)

The “conflict” in Ukraine is back on.

The EU has passed a law allowing its member states to make their own decisions about GM crops.

The collapse of the rouble has had dramatic consequences for Russia’s neighbours.

Georgian cinema is back, and it sounds exciting!

Croatia has a new, conservative president, and it’s a woman, yeah.

This is… Weird? Exciting? Shocking? The headline alone confuses me.

And nothing else is allowed to happen in the media, because Charlie.

Until next week!

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