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It’s Martin Luther King Day, so let do what we do best and start unpacking this nation’s terrible race relations, starting with a movie about him!

Oscar nominations were announced  and everything was terrible. Thankfully, the Internet has produced some  great criticism.

Also great, President Obama’s White House screening of Selma.

Hitting back against critics, academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs insists that the academy actively searches for diverse candidates, but they apparently aren’t good enough to even merit calling actresses by their correct name .

Spike Lee has some advice for the Selma team.

All this aside, David Oyelowo continues to prove that he is great.

We’ve covered the highs of last week’s Golden Globes, but there were so many lows.

A petition to stop the whitewashed version of Ghost in the Shell has reached over 12,000 signatures. (Update: More than 20,000 now!)

Maybe the academy should start seriously looking at the diversity of film today.

Let’s not be like the academy, and instead let us familiarize ourselves with these seven black female directors.

Celine Sciamma’s film Bande de Filles, or Girlhood for the American crowds, is finally being released in America, January 30th. It’s an all black, female-centric story about a girl growing up in Paris.

Bollywood superstar Deepika Padukone has broken the silence regarding her depression in order to destigmatize the illness.

DC Comics announced it will release an animated web-only series starring Vixen, a black female superhero. Let’s hope it gains enough momentum to actually be featured on television.

Eddie Huang talks about what it’s like to see his memoir become an ABC sitcom.

NBC has announced that they’re in talks with Stevie Wonder to produce a musical/mini series  about the Underground Railroad.

Did you hear about Boko Haram’s massacre of 2000 people in Nigeria? If you only paid attention to most major media, chances are, probably not. Where are all the world leaders from the Charlie Hedbo marches?

Speaking of Charlie Hedbo and Paris, there have been great responses to Islamophobia and racism following the attacks and the whole debate about free speech.

Protests continue around the U.S. and the world.

In Boston this week, protesters blocked a Boston interstate.  Also in Boston, Ferguson activists and Ferguson officials were a part of a Harvard Law School panel event meant to discuss race relations and the shooting of Michael Brown.

A  delegation from Ferguson visited Palestine.

The Congressional black caucus took a trip to Ferguson to meet with activist leaders in an attempt to show that they’re being heard by those in government.

Time has a list of the “12 New Faces of Black Leadership” featuring (my personal girl crush) Jessica Williams.

José James covers Sam Cooke’s civil rights era song “A Change is Gonna Come” in a powerful video.

Families in Florida are outraged to learn that Miami cops are using their family member’s mugshots for target practice.

Police in St. Ann, Missouri apologized to a student they beat and held in custody by mistake. Go ahead and guess his race.

Apple may not observe MLK Day, but that sure as heck won’t stop them from using him in their commercials.

Time and again we hear how millennials are more tolerant than generations before, but it turns out that’s not exactly true about white millennials.

Hey, so race isn’t really real. So maybe cut the racism out? (This writer is still unpacking what the census telling her she’s white means.)

Nicki Minaj revealed she had an abortion in her documentary, My Time Again. Ebony writer Tasha Fierce has shared her experience of having an abortion as a black woman.

Do you remember the picture of the two gay dads doing their daughter’s hair in the bathroom that went viral last year? Well they now have their very own Nikon commercial!

Speaking of black fatherhood, a new tumblr, Don’t Believe the Absentee Hype, has emerged to debunk the myth of the absentee black father. Follow along for sweet pictures of dads being dads.

As always, let’s end on a high with Viola Davis being outstanding.

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