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This week, because of the holiday break, I’m reviewing two episodes for both Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works and Shingeki no Bahamut. In the case of Shingeki, it’s the last two episodes, but Fate/Stay Night is taking a break until April. The winter season should start next week, but it’s mostly sequels to things I didn’t watch, except for Aldnoah.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Ep. 11/12

The world would be a much better place if Rita was leading it. Kaisar is an idiot who fell four times from Beelze’s ship.

Four times!

Bahamut is waking up, Favaro received an arrow in the sternum, and Jeanne was “purified” but managed to kill Michael at the same time. He loved her. *sniff* Kaisar forgot to purify Favaro though, but not with a kiss, with Rita’s antidote. At least it looks that way.

I did say Rita was awesome, so was evil Jeanne. She killed four Archangels just like that. OK, that’s probably not good for the future, but still awesome.

Ep 12

This was a proper ending.

Beelze was the first demon/angel to die, which I expected, because the guy’s ego was just too large to believe he could control Bahamut.

The rest was rather awesome. Martinet actually plotted the whole thing to see the world get destroyed. He was really crazy and Rita guessed it all, including his name: Gilles de Rais (he was crazy in real life, too). Favaro and Kaisar got a last fight together with Kaisar losing an arm so Favaro could use Kaisar’s bounty bracelet to trap Gilles. Looks like he actually did receive the antidote, through the arrow in the sternum.

Then it was off to save Amira or something like that, it was a bit more to banish Bahamut in conclusion. Cool flying scene on a giant duck there. Favaro ended up the “Holy Knight” and lost a leg in the process of “banishing” Bahamut. Then he teamed up with Kaisar for more adventures, and the episode ended, more or less saying, “The second season is coming.” Not bad for a show based on a trading card game.

This was probably my best anime for this fall.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Ep 11/12

The magic Shirou did last episode almost made him lose one of his arms, but Archer sorta fixed that. He also received a speech from Archer about ideals and how he sucks. The usual.

Rin seems to have moved to Shirou’s place now too. Taiga was not happy, but Rin knows how to handle her, so she stayed.

Ep 12

This episode was 40 minutes long. Yeah! The next one isn’t until April. Boo!

First part was Rin and Shirou on a date where Saber ate the whole time. She is a glutton. Rin even did the picnic lunch. The whole thing was kind of cute and a bit out-of-place.

After that, it was Caster trying to recruit Shirou…which didn’t go well. Caster is now the new master of Saber, thanks to Rule Breaker. That’s her “Ace.” Then Caster decided to attack the Church and Kirei proceeded to beat her monster up Wolverine-style. She wants the lesser Grail to summon the larger one, I believe.

An image of Caster stabbing Saber.
Caster gains Saber

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