Weekly Anime Review

This week Aldnoah Zero is back. We’re also checking out two new shows, Fafner Exodus and Death Parade

Aldnoah Zero, Ep 13 (Crunchyroll)

Slaine totally lost it.

I might as well start at the beginning here. Saazbaum, the princess, and even Inaho are still alive (nobody dies in this show, so I’m expecting Count Cruhteo to show up at some point). Inaho is a cyborg now and got the Aldnoah activation factor. Sleeze needs to walk using a stick, but the princess is kept in a “water-tube.”

Slaine talks to the water-tube as if the princess is not unconscious and totally believes he is doing her will. He’s totally insane, and Saazy is totally amused by it.

The Orbital Knight is also using another princess, Lemrina, to impersonate her older half-sister. Seems like the plan is to remove the Emperor and use her as a puppet after they conquer Earth, which isn’t going as well as they think.

A screen shot from Aldnoah Zero, Ep 13
Deucalion in Space!

Deucalion in space! Yep, this episode is going to be mostly in space. Also, Ihano is doing small talk now, so I guess getting shot in the temporal lobe improved him instead of making him worse.

Fafner Exodus (Crunchyroll)

Watching something that has a movie and a full series made 11 years ago means that I’m not really sure what is going on here.

The big golden bad from space almost destroyed humanity and the best weapons Earth survivors have against them are mecha called Fafners. They are piloted by people’s emotions, or something like that.

Besides that, this is mostly an introduction episode, so we just get to meet a lot of characters. The visuals are real nice, but the character models are similar to those used in Majestic Prince. I don’t mind this art design style.

Death Parade (Funimation)

This show is kind of trippy and it has lots of drama.

A newly married couple ends up in a mysterious bar called QuinDecim. They have to randomly select a game and play it. If they refuse, they will end up as corpses behind the bar.

That sounds super creepy, and the game is equally creepy. They select “7 Darts,” which is basically a game of darts with the nice perk that throwing the dart in certain place on the target will cause pain. The targets are opposite the thrower, so throwing a dart in front of you hurts the person beside you. The game ends when all 7 darts are thrown or someone reaches 0.

Now, nothing requires you to hit the target or win the game. This is what our duo did for the most part, until the mister realized that his new wife might be cheating on him, so she retaliates. lol. Then she remembers that they died.

An image from Death Parade
Heaven and Hell elevators

Welcome to QuinDecim, which is purgatory, despite the fact it means 15. People end up there if they die while the decision is made about who goes in heaven (reincarnation) and who goes to hell (the void). In this case, the guy went to heaven and the lady went to hell. I don’t think the choice is based on who wins or loses the game; it’s purely based on what the people do during the game.

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