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This week we get some answers on Aldnoah Zero, we’re still trying to figure out who’s who on Fafner Exodus, and it’s exposition time on Death Parade.

Aldnoah Zero, Ep 14

This episode answered a few questions.

First, we learn that the EUFE is preparing a large mission in space and that’s why the Deucalion was called up there. It seems like the Martians and Terrans both have geo-orbital space stations and that they are going to be at 7km distance in a few hours. I expect the next episode to be a hecatombe for the Terrans. Inaho can only handle a single Martian Kataphrack, but I think there will be more than one on the Marineros Island (you need to be a Martian to call a big chunk of rock in space an island).

On the Martian side, they are also preparing for the confrontation, but we learn a bit more about Saazbaum and Slaine. Basically, they are conquering Earth to steal the resources to help the poor little Martian people and destroy the Royal family. Well, that’s what Slaine is saying (he’s not totally pro-Martian, by the way), I’m not sure if that’s really Saazbaum’s idea.

Rayet says: You really are an idiot
Rayet is just speaking the truth

We got new information during this episode. Inaho’s cyborg eye has an integrated computer that can be used as a target assist, among other things. Earth will have to provide that software to the Kat soon or they are going to die. The princess’s maid from the first season (I can’t spell her name), has been giving information to Slain about the Deucalion. Snitch! Although, the Deucalion also has lots of information about the Martians now. They even know that the Tharsis was count Crutheo’s Kat, but that it was picked up by Saazbaum. Double snitch, maybe?

Fafner Exodus, Ep 2

The fight was nice, at least there was something. I’m still unsure what the hell is going on, though. There are two kids who can talk to each other because of Mir (some sort of super consciousness of the golden enemies, or something like that) and they are called Hope (well, Esperanto, but that’s kind of the same thing).

It seems like Kaizuki is super popular with the new people from the Human army and they can fight because of a Makabe’s factor. Interestingly enough, Makabe has no idea what that is, lol.

There also appears to be a limit to the age of the Fafner pilot and the Makabe’s factor allows them to bypass that.

Also, don’t be surprised if I can’t remember everyone’s names, there are way too many characters.

Death Parade, Ep 2

The Quindecim is on the 15th floor; I guess the name of the “bar” makes sense now. There is also a weird system of subways that the workers use.

The assemble cast of Death Parade
Let’s dance

In this episode, we got the background of how the Quindecim works. We are following a newbie assistant who doesn’t even know her name in the background of the first episode, more or less. Lots of exposition in the episode, of course.

Decim and Nona are arbiters. They get the memories of the deceased sent to them and will decide if they go to “hell” or “heaven.” Although the symbolism in this and the previous episode seems to be closer to Hinduism. The truth is reincarnation (self-explaining) and the void (fall in deep darkness).

The “corpses” from the previous episodes are actually dummies. Apparently, it’s Decim’s hobby. Creepy. He also appears to have made a blunder with Machiko, it was the assistant who brought it up… Nona was not happy with Decim, she’s the boss, from what I can tell.

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