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Feels, fanwank, and shifty business, oh my!

Aldnoah Zero, Ep 15

It seems that Harklight is a good strategist. He created a plan to kill Inaho, but Slaine kind of changed his mind and killed Sazzbaum with it instead. Well, I guess he wanted both to get stuck in the volley, but Inko got there at the right moment to save Inaho. The plan was a revolving trap (the title of the episode), as in bullets were shot at high-speed before the battle so that they revolved around the planet to hit a specific spot a few hours later.

Inko patting Rayet's head
Rayet is adorable

Slaine is now Count Slaine Saazbaum Troyard. He killed his second father a few hours after being named his son, and it’s not hard to see what prompted the removal of Saazy. He’s the big shot on the Martian’s side now. He called the Orbital Knights to work together, going by his speech to Harklight. I expect a trap to get all of them killed… by Inaho. Or Slaine is going to get trapped; there was something funky attached to his boot.

There was also a nice chess match between the Captain and Inaho. Mental chess, although Inaho is kind of cheating with his eye. Which means Darzana is more badass at chess because she doesn’t have a computer in her brain.

There was a lot of “fanwank” in this episode. The Inaho is Odin one, spelled out by Calm. I guess Inaho is going to get a Gungnir for his mech soon. Inko said that Rayet is adorable because she got the “tsun tsun” part down but she really should work on her “dere dere” side after some Terran soldier mocked them as the “Aldnoah Unit” too.

Fafner Exodus, Ep 3

Secret siblings, living mechs, and weird stuff.

So, the Human Army wants to have the little Esperanto kid (Miwa) to talk to a Mir close to India. The problem is that they can’t send her out without support and the island doesn’t have many defenses without the few Fafners it has. Emely asks to talk to the “core” and the “core” ends up generating Fafner’s core to increase the island’s defense. Everyone is surprised.

Can I say that nobody is exactly happy about this? It sounds, looks, and smells funny. Actually, the Human Army General looks shifty to me. In his group, one of the younger pilots ends up as the brother (or half-brother) of Maya Toomi (one of the main characters) as well and that means the cousin of Miwa.

The real, real, real question about this show is why the evil mecha is trying to assimilate everything and when the main characters are going to fly Fafner despite being too old for it.

New Fafner pilots
I’m calling it, these kids are red shirts

Death Parade, Ep 3

As the not-yet-given-a-name-assistant said, it’s nice to have friendly ones for a change.

This time we got two childhood friends who don’t remember that they are childhood friends. Also, unrequited love, which means The Feels are still there for this episode.

The woman doesn’t remember who she is and she ends up having the wrong “impression.” The guy is super nice and actually has a crush on the girl before dying. In fact, right before their bus enters a collision with a truck, he tries to ask her for a date. Which he gets after his death. I like that the ending credits show part of the date. Both went to reincarnation because they are not assholes.

Decim and the assistant’s relationship looks interesting though. I’m still wondering who she is.

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