Cosmo According to Abbi and Ilana

Ever look at a magazine rack and wonder what your favorite fictional characters would be into? No? Well, I have.

As a new recurring feature, we’ll take a look at some of the top headlines at some of the biggest ladymags and guess what our favorite TV heroines would have to say about them.

The Key to Creating a “Come Hither” Cat-Eye

An animated gif from "Broad City" of Ilana with a swollen face captioned "hey, this is what livin on the edge looks like."
Via Crushable

18 Signs the Honeymoon Phase of Your Relationship Never Ended

A gif of Ilana from Broad City saying her two favorite things are hamburgers and Abbi.
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BREAKING: The First “Magic Mike XXL” Poster Is Here

A gif of Abbi from Broad City breaking a glass as she says "I feel so alive right now"
Via Tumblr

Gwen Stefani: “It Still Shocks Me That People Care About Me

A gif of Ilana on Broad City saying she doesn't care.
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Watch This Cool Grandma Bowl a Strike the Very First Time She Tries Bowling

A gif of Abbi from Broad City saying she's a badass boss.
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Looking in the Mirror Can Affect Your Diet in a Surprising Way

A gif of Ilana from Broad City saying "oh, fuck"
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15 Relationship Mistakes Smart Women Make

A gif of Abbi from Broad City rolling away.

J. Lo’s “Boy Next Door” Doesn’t Know Much About “The Iliad” at All

A gif of Ilana from Broad City in a tuxedo.
Via LunaMag

You Have to Listen to Skylar Grey’s Gorgeous “Fifty Shades” Song

A gif of Ilana from Broad City gagging and making a jerk-off motion.
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I Covered Myself in Food for Sex

A gif of Abbi from Broad City saying "you have a way of tainting everything I love."
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