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Want to learn more about hipster racism, the HPV vaccine, and the latest completely ass-backwards Second Amendment talking point? (You’re gonna want to sit down for that one.) Come on in!

How to classify dudes, so you don’t accidentally call someone a dick when he’s really acting more like a douchebag.

Not vaccinated? You don’t get to play with Kristen Bell’s babies.

Also, get your damn kids the HPV vaccine. Yes, the boys too.

The Fosters continues to be awesome; most recently, when dealing with the thorny issue of being the queer parent of a possibly-queer kid.

In honor of The DUFF‘s completely adorable star, Mae Whitman, here are 10 more times Hollywood cast beautiful people as “ugly” friends.

No, Food Babe, your vanilla ice cream didn’t come out of a beaver’s ass.

It’s a terrible idea to promote guns on college campuses under the guise of preventing rape.

All 60 Oscar-nominated films, ranked.

Arthur Chu on how criticism of Kanye West and other black artists fits into the theme of “Black Excellence vs. White Mediocrity.”

Finally, Ijeoma Olua suggests a new course of action when confronting “hipster racism.”

What did you read this week?

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