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New Show Recap: Agent Carter 1×06, “A Sin To Err”

Agent Carter came roaring back into our living rooms and onto our computer screens this week. Following last week’s jam-packed episode of character exploration, Peggy’s work finally catches up to her.

More importantly, Dottie’s past is catching up to Peggy. Dottie’s big reveal as a Soviet Black Widow trainee last week sent shock waves through the fandom. Mostly because a lot of us wanted Dottie to be on Peggy’s side. That is definitely not the case. The separate stories are finally all converging.

Opening with Dottie being in a room with Dr. Ivchenko (who is definitely a Leviathan spy) and watching her kill unarmed men was really brutal. It was firmly showing that women can be just as lethal as men.

Ivchenko is then revealed to have been telling this story to Dooley. Dooley of course hears the whole story. He listens as Ivchenko describes the Cold War as really just Russia wanting to have the best of everything and be the best.

Dottie handles a disgusting dentist very well and begins to line up a sniper shot at Dooley’s office. At first it appears to be at Ivchenko. Instead he taps out a message for her which appears in the picture below.

Yup, he wants Peggy killed. Of course, because Peggy is the only SSR agent worth a damn minus Sousa. She has already started to investigate Leviathan and was only allowed to continue after she proved herself “worthy” to her male coworkers.

Sousa proves his worth and actually reveals to Dooley that it was Peggy who was helping Howard and who took on the Leviathan agents in the first episode. Dooley is obviously in disbelief.

Peggy’s awesome spy work this week is tracking down the women who Howard has slept with. She puts it together that because of his ladies’ man attitude, one of the little girl spies (Black Widows) has grown up and attached herself to Howard at one point. I chortled at the notion that Ginger Rogers was the spy. I mean, Jarvis said her eyes are “the darkest gates to the abyss.”

Dooley and the SSR gang finally realize that Sousa is telling the truth and set off after Peggy. This ends poorly for them as they escape just for Peggy to meet Dottie in the apartment. Dottie kisses Peggy with her poison lipstick. Of course, Peggy realizes this is who she is looking for. The SSR agents find Peggy and drag her into interrogation.

The story is getting to be awesome and I really cannot wait for more episodes. Dottie has been killing it as the Black Widow recruit. I think Bridget Regan is an excellent cold-blooded lady assassin. Hayley Atwell’s chemistry with her and with Lyndsey Fonseca has been outstanding.

With its growing popularity, I found some awesome tweets from fans. I am so glad that so many people have embraced Agent Carter. I really hope ABC renews it. Unlike Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter has come out of the gates swinging and stayed that way.

Hell yes, this show is feminist. I love it. As Zinnat says, more badass ladies forever please. I agree.

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