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New Show Recap: How to Get Away with Murder 1×14, “The Night Lila Died”

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! At the end of a very weird day filled with runaway llamas and color-changing dresses (it’s blue and black, btw), we finally find out who killed Lila. Was it Sam? Annalise? Rebecca? None of the above? Let’s recap the first half of the finale and find out!

Wes returns home after his visit to the psych hospital where Rudy, the previous apartment resident, is held. Naturally, he’s lying to Rebecca about where he was without even the slightest clue that she knows where he was because she’s basically a stalker. Back at the hospital, Wes is trying to convince Laurel that Rudy is trying to tell them something about Rebecca. He believes Rebecca killed Lila, he wants to ask her about it, but Laurel talks him out of telling anyone because it’ll just mess everything up if he does. Holy crap, what a mess! So anyway, he goes home, he apologizes to Emo Barbie, and they have sexy times after he tells her he loves her.

Michelle Obama saying ewwww

Flashback to five months earlier when Lila was still alive. She and Rebecca are arguing over Lila going back to Griffin. One minute, Lila is in a glass case of emotion, going on about how her life went to shit when she started hanging out with Rebecca. But then the minute Rebecca tries to calm her down, Lila switches into Bitch Mode and tells Rebecca she was faking it this whole time to make her feel better. “I was bored and confused but I’m done acting like some trashed-out druggie whore.” Way harsh, Tai. And then there’s Rudy. He heard the whole thing and then saw them fighting out in the hallway. Dude, you should’ve just left your door shut.

Nate’s request for bail is denied so he’s not going to be going home anytime soon. Annalise is waiting for him in the hallway of the courthouse but he won’t even look at her. Ouch. Meanwhile, they’ve got a case to deal with, something about a killer priest who pleaded guilty to killing another priest but then changes his mind as soon as a particular woman walks into the room.

Back to the night of Lila’s murder, Rebecca and Griffin are hanging out. Uh oh. She’s up to something. She sends Lila a text from Griffin’s phone while he’s off getting her a glass of water. Back in the future, Wes is going through transcripts of Rebecca’s testimony, and flashbacks to Griffin’s statements are lining up with earlier flashbacks to the night of the party.

The Scooby Gang accompany Bonnie to the church to talk to the man who found the dead priest’s body. Annalise is explaining to her class why arguing a not guilty plea when you know your client is guilty isn’t considered perjury. Next, the Scooby Gang interview a student at the school associated with the church about another student who killed himself. Asher treats everyone to a few of his completely inappropriate jokes. Later, Annalise confronts her client, asks him if he was molesting the student and if that’s why he killed the other priest. Nope, wrong, guess again. The dead priest was the pedophile and that’s why Father Andrew bashed his head in with a thurible.

Flashing back to the night of Lila’s murder again, remember the text she sent from Griffin’s phone? She, as Griffin, asked Lila to come over, so Lila does and — oopsy! — she just happens to get there when Lila and Griffin are in bed together. This matches up with Griffin’s statements, including the part about how Rebecca was smiling when Lila stormed off. Wes tells Laurel that a basketball player saw someone who looked like Rebecca near the sorority house, but he was never interviewed further because he picked a photo of a different girl when he was first interviewed. As Wes and Laurel are going over the records, he gets a call from Rebecca. She tells him she’s going to grab a shift at the bar, he declines her invitation to stop by, and then we see that she’s lying to him as usual. She’s walking into the campus police office.

Annalise is trying to convince Father Andrew that he needs to let go of this rule that’s keeping him from sharing Father Pedophile’s confession. “We all have to make compromises in order to be happy,” she tells him. Somebody grab a screen; she is projecting all over the place.

Back at the office, Asher is doing his dorky flirting thing with Bonnie when Frank walks in and Annalise walks in after him. She pulls him aside and asks him if he’s still got a connection at the jail. He asks if something happened to Nate. “Not yet,” she says. Next thing we see is Nate being woken up to an ass beating.

The next day, Connor is at the doctor’s office getting tested for STDs at Oliver’s insistence. Oliver won’t have sex with him until they both get tested. Back at Annalise’s office, Bonnie is telling her that Nate got attacked, but then she realizes that Annalise already knew. Unfortunately, the plan backfired. Nate didn’t get bail; he got solitary. Time for a new plan.

Frank and Bonnie enlist Asher’s help. They set up a photo opportunity between Asher and the judge on Nate’s case. While they’re off doing some dirty work, Annalise is trying to talk Father Andrew’s special lady into helping him out. So she gets on the stand and admits that she and the priest were “being intimate.” Out in the hallway, Connor is desperately trying to get a hold of the nurse so he can get his test results. He’s freaking out, especially considering that Oliver got his results already. (Negative, btw.)

Wes is still doing his detective work. Flashback to August again and we see Rebecca going into the sorority house, including the part where she bumps into the basketball player witness.

Back in court, Father Andrew throws himself on the cross, figuratively speaking of course, to keep his special lady from having to testify. He changes his plea back to guilty. Connor gets his test results (also negative) and Wes and Laurel are arguing again about confronting Rebecca. Michaela and Connor overhear them so now they have to let them in on it. Meanwhile, Nate gets out on bail after the judge gets dismissed from his case and a new judge is assigned. Plan B worked!

Annalise waits outside of the badly-battered Nate’s house for him and begs him to please call the number she gave him. He still wants nothing to do with her. Can you blame the guy?

Rebecca gets home and finds the Scooby Gang waiting for her. They are NOT happy with her. She’s still denying everything but they’re just not buying it. Even puppy-eyed Wes isn’t coming to her defense. And here comes the ace she’s been holding up her sleeve. She found the campus police officer that saw them all at Chez Keating the night Sam was killed.

Back at the office, Asher confronts Bonnie about the whole judge set up. After they clear that up, they start getting all flirty right before Frank walks in. Busted! But he promises he won’t tell Annalise… or will he?

Wes et al. summon Annalise to the apartment. “What’s going on?” she asks Wes when he opens the door. He leads her into the apartment and the bathroom door opens up and it’s… oh god, did they kill Rebecca? Is her bloodied body lying on the bathroom floor? Did they… oh phew! Nope, they didn’t kill her. They just chained her up and slapped duct tape across her mouth.

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