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New Show Recap: How to Get Away with Murder 1×15, “It’s All My Fault”

Part 1 of the season finale left off with the gang letting Annalise in on their little hostage situation. Part 2 opens up with all of them yelling and arguing and Annalise screaming at them all to SHUT UP like the unruly children that they are. We also get a glimpse of Lila taking her last breaths from the POV of the killer, but who is it??!

So once Annalise gets everyone to calm down, she asks Wes wtf is going on. He tells her that they all think Rebecca may have killed Lila and that Sam may have been innocent. Annalise quietly walks into the bathroom where Rebecca is tied up and closes the door behind her. Oh shit. Luckily for Rebecca, Annalise is playing nice. Well, she was up until the minute when Rebecca decides to scream for help after Annalise removes the duct tape from her mouth.

Here come the flashbacks. Sam is getting out of his car when he receives a call from Lila. She’s losing it because Sam is at Yale giving a lecture and he won’t drop everything and run back to her. Their plan for her to have sex with Griffin and then make him the baby daddy didn’t work. She wants Sam to… do something; I’m not even sure what the hell she wants him to do, and when he refuses, she threatens to tell Annalise and hangs up.

Annalise and the crew bring Rebecca to Chez Keating. Behave or Frank’s throwing you in the basement, Emo Barbie. She tells them to untie Rebecca and they all flip out. They do not trust this girl.

Bonnie gets a call from Frank while she’s in bed. With Asher. Annalise is in her office, flashing back to the night she and Frank argued over his affair with Lila. And then it hits her. Let’s give Rebecca her day in court.

Flashback to August 29th. Sam is heading home from Yale. He calls Annalise and she asks him if he got the job. Bonnie, who is lurking around outside her door, hears Annalise talking to Sam about how he was willing to just leave his wife and move if he got the job. While she’s doing her creepy lurking thing, Lila is banging on the door like the damn place is on fire. Remember this scene from previous episodes? This was when Lila was demanding to see Annalise because she had to tell her something about her husband. This is the scene that made me think maybe Bonnie had killed her. Did she? We’ll see…

Now everybody is at the office, including Frank and Bonnie. Well, everybody except Asher, who still doesn’t know about any of this. They’re going over Rebecca’s confession looking for holes, details, anything they can find. They’re at it all night and by the next morning they are exhausted and snapping at each other. The prosecuting attorney in Nate’s case shows up at the door saying she had an appointment with Annalise. Wait, Annalise is testifying for the prosecution?

She tells the lady that she went to Nate’s after her fight with Sam. They had sex and then she went home. Nate followed her to make sure she was safe. Sam was drunk so Nate stepped in and he and Sam ended up in a fight. Ok, is she trying to help establish a self-defense claim for Nate? What happened to building the whole “crime of passion” defense for Rebecca? What is Annalise cooking?

Flashback time. Lila is on the roof of the sorority house. She’s distraught, she’s possibly suicidal… did she kills herself? Is everyone innocent?? Griffin’s story that he went up there looking for her is legit.

Connor is grilling Rebecca and she’s trying to manipulate him and turn him against Wes. Girl, knock it off. They all think you’re a killer and a pathological liar. Not a single one of them is interested in saving your ass. Oh great, there’s Asher. Frank the gatekeeper isn’t letting him in and everyone hears him running his mouth about Frank ratting on him and Bonnie. While they’re all distracted, Rebecca manages to grab Michaela’s phone and send out a text to someone. (What does “Eggs 911” mean?) They all take cover in the basement before Asher barges in but Frank sends them all away so he and Emo Barbie can have a little alone time.

The night of the murder, Sam shows up at the sorority house. He’s kissing up to Lila, telling her how he loves her, he doesn’t love his wife, blah blah blah. At this point, I’m thinking they pretty much both got what’s coming to them. Awful, awful people.

In present time, Laurel is pretty damn anxious, worried that Rebecca is going to turn them all in. “But you’re going to take care of it? Her?” she asks Frank. “Is that what you think I am, some freaking hit man?” he says. Well, he’s not a lawyer. So what exactly DOES he do for Annalise?

Michaela goes to lunch with her ex-future-mother-in-law, presumably because it’s time to give the ring back. Oh this ought to be good. She can’t give her that bubble gum machine thing so how is she going to handle this? She’s not giving it back. Period. It was a gift, a promise of marriage, she tells her MiL. That’s cool, though, because that’s not what Mrs. Walker is here for. She wants them to get married. No, really. But Michaela is smarter than Mrs. Walker realizes. No, she’s not that “backwater bayou trash” and she knows damn well this woman wants to marry off her son to prove he’s not gay or bi or whatever.

And now Annalise is going to have a little chat with Emo Barbie. She had her pegged from Day One. She tells him how innocent and trusting Wes was, how he trusted Rebecca and how they both — Rebecca and Annalise — ruined him. “I did it. I killed Lila,” Rebecca tells her. FINALLY! “Or maybe Sam did.” Shit. Never mind. She’s messing with her. So Annalise makes Wes go talk to her, pulling the whole “Be a man!” card on him.

Puppy-eyed Wes finally drags something out of her. Yes, she gave Rudy PCP… but she gave him something else, something called “purple X”. She sits there looking like a drowned rat, smoking this geeky dude up. He ends up freaking out, clawing at the walls until his fingers bleed, and she calls 911 on him. So why was she wet? She was hiding in the water tank. She went looking for Lila, heard some people coming, so she jumped into the tank to hide.

Nate calls Annalise. He tells her he understands why she told them he got into it with Sam. It was to plant reasonable doubt by establishing why Nate’s prints were on Sam’s ring. She begs him to trust her. Back at the office, Annalise gives up. They can’t establish that Rebecca is guilty. It’s time to let her go. Bonnie lays into them about everything she and Frank and Annalise have done for them. Annalise goes to the basement to let Rebecca go. Too late! She’s already gone. Rebecca was outta there faster than you can say “llamas on the loose!” So who let her go? Is Wes seriously that weak and gullible when it comes to this girl? He swears it wasn’t him. Annalise consoles Wes, stroking his hair while his head is in her lap in a true mother-son moment. (I still think she’s his biological mom.) She needs him to believe that Sam killed Lila, making him say it out loud until he believes it too.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor shows up at Asher’s door. He’s got some ‘splaining to do. Michaela and Laurel have a little girl’s night out. Laurel gives Michaela her engagement ring. The REAL one! She had it all along! She found it in Connor’s car but she held onto it to keep Michaela quiet. Brilliant! (Side note: Oliver lied. He didn’t test negative.)

There’s a brief flashback to Rebecca looking for Lila on the roof. She doesn’t find Lila but she does find her phone. So where is Lila? Oh, that’s right, she’s in the water tank. But how did she get there? Rewind! Sam leaves Lila on the roof, promising her that he’s going to go call Annalise right now and tell her he’s leaving her. He makes a phone call. Somebody owes him a favor. Somebody shows up and grabs Lila by the neck. Somebody chokes the life out of her. Somebody is… FRANK!! So he really IS some kind of hitman!

Wes finally leaves Chez Keating and Annalise heads to the basement where Frank is waiting. “Was it you?” she asks him. “No. I’m not that guy,” he says. In fact, he thought it was her. “So,” he asks Annalise, “now what?” and the camera pans to the floor where Rebecca’s body lies.


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Right? I mean she’s very unlikeable but I feel like we were just starting to understand her, especially after Annalise’s little chat with her.

I really need to know what Frank’s deal is though. Who is he and why did he owe Sam a favor?

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