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New Show Recap: Marvel’s Agent Carter 1×05, “The Iron Ceiling”

Our lovely Agent Carter returned to our screens tonight, bringing a few familiar faces with her. The Howling Commandos last seen in Captain AmericaThe First Avenger, returned to help Agent Carter this week. 

Dum-Dum Dugan is the only returning Commando from the movie, though the others featured all appeared in comics.

The opening scene gives you a sense of “Wow, this episode is going to be super interesting.” A girl wakes up handcuffed to a bed. Other girls are similarily cuffed in the room. We watch the contrast of brutality and niceness as we are shown the girls fighting to the death because they are being commanded to, and other girls reciting English lines in a classroom. This is obviously a training school of some sort. Comic fans are geeking out because this is the infamous Black Widow “Red Room” mentioned a lot without ever really being shown.

Dottie wakes from the dream and is revealed as a Black Widow agent. So far that name hasn’t been used in universe but was the trending hashtag of the night.

Peggy finally got to be an agent in front of her coworkers. Her stepping up and using the below quote played a pivotal moment in helping her male colleagues realize she is important.

Even her boss was impressed.

The bulk of the episode was spent watching the SSR and the Howling Commandos figure out things about Leviathan in Russia. They enter the school from the opening teaser to find two men being held captive. Leviathan wants them to build a weapon. The schematics were not procured from Howard Stark, but from one of the captives, an engineer. The other captive is a psychiatrist. I assume he is there because he was tortured into teaching Leviathan how to break down peoples’ psyches to make them perfect spies, aka Black Widows.

The interesting part was watching supposed war hero, and Peggy’s favorite misogynist, not do anything in the big fight scene. You find out because Thompson’s war heroism was trumped up. He is haunted by PTSD because he shot people that were actually trying to surrender. I like where this is going. It is nice to see a human side of the character. Not everyone can be a big bad asshole all the time.

Dottie bookends her story well what the tweets say. This will be the most talked about moment of the episode, maybe even of the series.  I am sad that she is actually a villain, or at least lined up to be. I really was not looking forward to a Peggy vs. Dottie clash, but a Peggy and Dottie vs. the world clash. I guess Dottie really is Faith and Peggy is Buffy.

Enver is hilarious. His take on Souza is fantastic. I really like the story for him so far. The idea he is the one chasing the phantom woman (Peggy) really will make a great climatic scene at some point. Souza even turns down a chance to go out with Thompson for drinks, who instead invites Carter.

It was Bridget Regan’s birthday today so lots of cast photos of cupcakes and food came out on Twitter.

This series is fucking awesome. I cannot wait for the last three episodes and then I will cry for more episodes.

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