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New Show Recap: Marvel’s Agent Carter 1×07, “Snafu”

The penultimate episode of Agent Carter was outstanding. The writers have been building a great series and it all came to a head in episode 7. Peggy vs SSR, SSR vs. Leviathan, Dottie vs. America — all of our favorite matchups were there. 
Just like when we left our intrepid Peggy last episode, the men of the SSR are interrogating her, trying to figure out how she was able to do all the things she was able to do. Peggy being Peggy, she gives them some amazing answers, shade included.

Peggy wants none of your sexism, boys. She kicks more ass than all of you. I realized too that Sousa isn’t a good guy; if anything, he is someone we would deem a Nice Guy™ in today’s parlance. He is secretly as much of a sexist asshole as anyone else in the SSR.

Jarvis coming to White Knight for Peggy was unsurprising. I know he and Howard both love her and respect her. Thanks to Jarvis’s distraction, Peggy was able to see Ivchenko doing his air Morse code again. Jarvis translates it as Leviathan is coming in 90 minutes.

(Michele Fazekas is one of the executive producers, and I love her tweetalongs. The staff of the show have had fantastic tweets; all of them seem to get a few good ones each episode, which sure makes my job way easier!)

Dooley semi-relents to Peggy and allows some men to go investigate across the way. Unfortunately for Dooley, this does not end well. His men get their asses kicked by Dottie, and Ivchenko’s mind control is powerful enough to create masterful illusions that the bureau chief can’t resist falling into. Dooley just wanted his family to love him. Under hypnosis, he puts on a vest created by Howard Stark, but as soon as he awakens from a fantasy about his family, he realizes it’s a ticking time bomb. Doing the best thing he can do, Dooley commits a heroic sacrifice and saves the rest of the building from exploding.

Dottie was not absent in this episode. She was just waiting for her time to strike, like a good Black Widow does. Her storyline crossing with Peggy’s has made for the best part of the last few episodes. I really hope the show gets renewed so we can have more of this. She and Ivchenko obtained another Howard Stark gadget that turns out to be a bomb that does scary fucking shit. I can barely talk about it because I am still traumatized from watching it. I did not know that was coming. It is a gas bomb that turns people into horrific rage monsters.

Only one more episode to go, lovely Carter fans. I hope there are more seasons to come. Michele’s tweets referring to next week’s episode as a season finale seems very much like she knows they will get renewed. I think they need to keep each series short though; I think that’s what makes this show work so well.

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