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After President Obama’s trip to India, the news media has reacted to the president’s statements regarding religious tolerance in the country. Some think that the remarks were aimed at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP Party though the White House has denied this.

In related news, Delhi police have detained protesters who were speaking out against recent attacks on Christian churches.

Last week, a bombing of a mosque near Lakhidar Chowk in Pakistan killed 62 men. The Interior Minister says they are close to naming the perpetrators behind it.

Nationalists in Myanmar threaten to protest a decision by the parliament to give the country’s Rohingya Muslims minority voting rights.

Taipei’s mayor has hailed the pilot of a crashed TransAsia Airways plane a hero. The pilot narrowly missed buildings and roads to ditch the plane in the river.

Bangladesh’s opposition leader has been charged with instigating an arson attack on a bus that killed seven people.

The Chinese government tightened rules for Internet usage and comments saying users in chat rooms must now use their real names. They also cannot “challenge the communist political system.”

A video of an Indian woman confronting the man who allegedly molested her on a flight has gone viral.

In tech news, the Indian smartphone company Micromax has overtaken South Korean based giant Samsung in India’s smartphone market.

While anti-vaxxers here in the States put people at risk with a resurgence of the measles, a policeman was killed while guarding a polio vaccination team.

In Afghanistan, women are protesting the lack of women in the Cabinet.

In the children are our future news, a young student built a one-person helicopter made of motorcycle parts.

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