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News in Europe: Measles

Greetings, citizens. Europe has its very own measles outbreak now, isn’t that nice? Not. More about that later.

Meanwhile, Ukraine. There is a whole lot of stuff being reported, from withdrawal of heavy weapons to accusations of lying, but I’m guessing none of it helps these people very much. It’s still cold, and the Russian gas overlords could stop supplies any day. But at least there won’t be an actual war, says Vladimir Putin. Phew.

Lithuania can’t quite believe that and is reinstating compulsory national service.

Three missing schoolgirls from the UK have apparently joined ISIS in Syria. Nobody knows what to do.

At least eight people have died in a restaurant shooting in the Czech Republic.

Mysterious drones have been spotted over various buildings in Paris, including the U.S. embassy.

Greek negotiations with the Eurogroup have achieved an extension of the country’s bailout plan by four months.

Good news at last: As a sign of solidarity, a large group of Muslims formed a human shield around a synagogue in Norway last week.

Ever heard of Cluj Napoca? It’s probably a really awesome place!

Let’s hear it for Poland and Ida, an excellent movie worth all the fanfare.

The measles has claimed itsĀ first victim in Germany, and I have just learned that children born after 1970 were not routinely given both courses of the MMR vaccine. Now excuse me while I try to locate my old GDR immunisation records. Vaccinate your kids, people!

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