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News in Europe: Not a Very Successful Ceasefire

Greetings, citizens. Things are heating up again in Ukraine, and everyone and their dog are busy wondering why.

I came across this yesterday, and before I could read it properly, Debaltseve was lost. Russian-backed separatists claim the area around Debaltseve is not covered by the ceasefire agreed last week. Well, if that’s the case…

Hungary is not making friends in the EU with this move: Viktor Orban, not generally known for being a great guy, seems to have taken Putin’s side.

After killing two men and wounding several more in two separate attacks, a man has been shot dead by police in Copenhagen.

Jewish graveyards in France and Germany have been vandalised over the last few days.

Things in Kosovo are looking bleak, too. Since September, more than 30,000 Kosovans have been discovered in Hungary trying to flee to the EU. Kosovo has been an independent country since 2008.

The negotiations about a Greek bailout are getting serious.

Dresden has remembered the bombing and almost complete devastation of the city by Allied forces 70 years ago. Visit the city now, and it’s recovered beautifully. Apart from frequent idiotic anti-immigration marches, it really is a gem.

Pussy Riot are back!

And Pegida flopped in Sweden! Huzzah!

I’m pleased to report the British media are finally starting to see (and show!) both sides of immigration. The Romanians Are Coming sounds like a surprisingly great documentary, currently shown on Channel 4.

And another TV show to look forward to: Deutschland 83. Finally, FINALLY we have a German drama series. I, for one, will be glued to the TV when it airs.

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