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News in Europe: The Grexit Threat

This week in Europe, all eyes are on Greece and its new government.

While the new Prime Minister is touring the continent, nobody really knows what to think of him yet. Here’s a rather depressing view of the situation.

In Spain, 100,000 people joined a rally against austerity policies. It seems to have worked in Greece, so we’ll see.

In Eastern Ukraine, the death toll rises steadily, with 23 people dying within 24 hours on January 31st and February 1st. The US is now “considering all options” regarding an intervention.

In Brussels, the EU parliament building had to be evacuated after a security scare.

A science paper outlining the risks of 31 pesticides used in the EU was apparently suppressed in order to keep the lucrative chemicals on the market.

In Germany, a man has been charged over the killing of Tugce Albayrak, a young teacher who died in December after protecting two teenage girls from a group of men harassing them.

A fire has destroyed one of Russia’s largest libraries in Moscow, home to millions of texts and books.

Italy’s new President Sergio Mattarella has been sworn in.

Former German president Richard von Weizsäcker has died at 94. He was an incredibly intelligent and thoughtful man, and much loved, so this is sad news.

And finally, just so you know what I mean when I can only shake my head at this language, here are some cool, but completely baffling Polish movie posters.

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