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This past week wasn’t a great week for people of color. There were some highs, but there were a lot of lows.

We missed this last month,  but check out this cute group of girl scouts (not to be confused with the Girl Scouts), the Radical Brownies. They’re a group of young girls of color in the Oakland area that have social activism as one of their main focuses. I kind of want to earn some of their badges.

Black History Month isn’t over. Why don’t you read some of the books on this Buzzfeed list of 25 books to celebrate Black History Month.

Speaking of Black History Month, here’s a list of 9 influential women in black history who we probably didn’t learn about in school.

There’s a relatively new girl on the music scene by the name of Tink. She self-identifies as a feminist, so I’m already on board.

This past week, a video surfaced of Chelsea supporters not allowing a black man to enter a train in Paris. After pushing him off several times, they were caught on camera saying “We’re racists and we like it.” Sadly this incident is only a small example of the rampant racism present in soccer and society as a whole. This article explains further how this video is just a small symptom of the disease.

A homeless man in Texas burned down an Islamic community center.

Speaking of Islamophobia, here’s a great article on how it affects people who aren’t even Muslim.

Bill Clinton apologizes to Mexico for the “War on Drugs.” A little late there, Bill.

Vox is debunking the myth that there are more black men in prison than in college.

PBS has a new documentary premiering today explaining why white Americans deny that racism exists despite overwhelming evidence.

Hollywood Reporter has a candid interview with one anonymous Academy voter who has some thoughts on Selma and its cast.

It’s New York Fashion Week, and another designer has chosen to appropriate indigenous cultures. This time, it’s brand KTZ that is being accused of stealing from indigenous designer Bethany Yellowtail.

Anonymous has created a new interactive online map that tracks missing and murdered First Nations women in Canada.

Here’s an article why appropriating hair-dos isn’t “just hair” for black women.

Mother Jones has an article from a white mother raising a black son in a white world.

Jessica Williams fought back when she was accused of suffering from impostor syndrome after saying she wasn’t ready to be the next host of The Daily Show. I continue to admire and love her.

MSNBC’s “So Popular” segment explains why I love the defense.

The Justice Department is preparing to sue Ferguson police department for racial discrimination.

Originally this was going to have Oscar coverage, but expect that sometime later this week. I just have a lot of feelings regarding them that need to be processed.

Let’s end this on a happy note with a video that I came across of a 22-month-old dancing a traditional Tahitian dance.


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For the future Oscar coverage, because headdesk.

And I feel bad because I was cheering for Jessica Williams to host TDS even while wondering if she would want it right now because she’s so young. No way in hell would I have wanted to take on something that huge when I was 25! I’m glad the dipshit who diagnosed her with impostor syndrome apologized, at least.

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